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The Department of Languages aims to prepare students with the necessary linguistic and cultural knowledge that will enable them to think critically, understand, and appreciate the uniqueness of other language groups. Recognizing that language and culture are inseparable, and in times of growing internationalization, the Department seeks to advance proficiency in languages other than English and cross-cultural competency, making our students more aware, engaged, and prepared global citizens.



Suenos y Realidad
Sueños y Realidad
image: On Stage at the Apolliad Theatre: Lucha and Libertad
Lucha and Libertad
image: service learning
Spanish IV Drama Course

Spanish 202/H, semester 4 CSU/UC transfer course

5 hours lecture, 5 units
Letter Grade or Pass/No Pass Option

Review and further Spanish grammar skills with dramatizations as you learn more about the Hispanic world though theatre. Read short plays, participate in articulation exercises, --- engage in improvisational activities to improve your Spanish speaking skills—discover more about the Hispanic culture attending plays and community events --- learn creative forms of expression completing writing activities, scripted dialogues and brief acts. In a culminating event, you'll deliver a short play or contribute to the student collaboration with drama department students in the production of the class’s showcase end of semester public performance in the Apolliad Theatre. Be a part of the experience and team!

View Student Documentary and Las Revolucciones de las Americas - Year 1/2009.
Lucha y Libertad - Year 2/2010.
Contact Professor Dora Schoenbrun-Fernandez,, 619-388-2228.