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JOUR 210C Newspaper Production 3

6 - 9 hours lab, 2 - 3 units
Letter Grade or Pass/No Pass Option

Description: This course is designed to provide additional ongoing experience in the production and publication of a student newspaper. Emphasis is placed on helping students progress to an intermediate level in the gathering and writing of news and features. Students conduct in-depth reporting and write more sophisticated news stories and may also serve as section editors or assist editors with copy editing, assignments, photography, the news budget, and design. Additionally students develop skill in setting newspaper policies, mentoring others, working in teams, and uncovering news stories. Students are guided by ongoing advice, criticism, and evaluation from a faculty adviser. Students enrolled in the course for 2 units are expected to participate in the production of the student newspaper for 6 hours per week, while students enrolled for 3 units are expected to participate at least 9 hours per week, and contribute more extensively to the layout and production of the paper.

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