The Interior Design Program is comprehensive and offers a professionally relevant curriculum. It includes technical knowledge and skill, creative problem solving and critical thinking, and professional practice application. The program provides work experience opportunities, involvement in professional organizations, competitions, and field trips.

Program Coordinator:
Professor Holly Hodnick, CID 619-388-2941 email:

Important Information for Interior Design Majors

It is highly recommended that you meet with an Academic Counselor in I - 400 building to develop your educational plan. The Interior Design faculty does not counsel in the area of general education.

The courses in the Interior Design Program are comprehensive, as are the projects assigned. For a three-unit course, out-of-class assignments may require a minimum of nine hours of homework per week (three hours per unit). Students are encouraged to develop a long range plan that takes into account a personal timetable, family life, and employment. Many students take longer than expected to complete the program and have found that taking two Interior Designs courses per semester is sufficient.

Please see the recommended sequence of courses that is provided in our college catalog. The courses are frequently building blocks from one course to the next. Beginning Interior Design majors may select courses from the following choices:

INTE 101 Introduction to Interior Design
INTE 112A Visual Communication I
INTE 115 Elements and Principles of Interior Design
INTE 125 History of Furniture and Interiors
ARTF 152 Color Theory

Please note that INTE 101, 112A, 112B, and 115 are pre-requisites for more advanced courses.

National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) Accredited Program

The Interior Design Program is Accredited by NKBA. This means that a student who has completed the A.S. Degree in Interior Design or the Certificate of Achievement in Interior Design and INTE 270/Work Experience with a Certified Kitchen Designer or Certified Bath Designer meets all of the education requirements to sit for the Associate Kitchen and Bath Design (AKBD) exam upon graduation. NKBA’s mandatory requirement of two-years of work experience after graduation, as qualification to take the exam, is waived. See for additional information.

Work Experience/INTE 270

Internships may be completed during fall and spring semesters. You may enroll in a 3 or 4-unit Work Experience section.

Although most internships are unpaid, a few are paid positions. The total number of hours you need to complete during the semester varies upon whether the position is paid or unpaid, and whether you are enrolled in 3 or 4 units of Work Experience. The breakdown is:

PAID 3 units requires 225 hours
  4 units requires 300 hours
UNPAID 3 units requires 180 hours
  4 units requires 240 hours

All hours must be completed during the semester you enroll; it may not stretch over two semesters. Once you have enrolled, you will need to attend a mandatory orientation session where you will be given all the necessary paperwork required for the course. Hours do not count until the semester has officially begun.

Although there is no set time during your academic program to enroll in work experience, most employers prefer that you have a number of courses completed to ensure that you have interior design knowledge and skills. If you find that you will not be able to complete an internship due to personal constraints, you can substitute another course in its place (see required electives). However, it is through successful internship positions that many of our students find employment in our profession.

To find an internship position, a Work Experience binder has been organized that lists names of design and architectural firms who have hired our interns in the past. Contact information is provided as well as comments from students who have interned with them. Please note that home-based businesses are not approved.

Recommended Sequence of Interior Design Courses for Student Success

The Interior Design Program recommends that courses be taken in a given sequence for optimal student success. Please see the Degree page for the recommended sequences for both the Certificate of Achievement and Associate in Science. The catalog may show courses in numerical order and not in suggested sequence. It is also recommended to see a counselor for help with an educational plan.

Extracurricular Activities

The students in the Interior Design Program at Mesa College are given many opportunities to participate in activities outside the classroom that greatly enhance their educational experience.


Our student chapters of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), and the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) give students opportunities to network with professional interior designers and trade resources. Student members learn valuable leadership skills and are instrumental in creating programs of interest for the members.

At the end of each school year, MIDC sponsors a STUDENT EXHIBIT. A team of professional interior designers is invited to jury the work and awards are given for excellence.