Interior Design


ORIENTATION: The Fall 2015 Student Orientation is set for Tuesday, August 25, 2015, 5-6 PM in the Z-102 auditorium at the Mesa College Design Center.


The Interior Design Program at San Diego Mesa College offers a comprehensive, professionally relevant curriculum that leads to either an Associate in Science Degree or Certificate of Achievement in Interior Design.

This site is intended to answer questions for new and prospective students as well as serve as an advising guide for continuing students.


San Diego Mesa College has an open door policy and all interested students are eligible and invited to apply. There is no pre-screening or portfolio review and new students need only to comply with Mesa’s general eligibility requirements listed on the Mesa website.

Costs to Attend

Fee levels are set by the California State Legislature. For up-to-date information, consult a current class schedule or the Mesa website. California residency for one year is required to meet the minimum tuition fee. Out-of-state tuition fees are available upon request through Admissions. Financial aid may be available. For details, contact Financial Aid.

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