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Dept. Chair:
Rob Fremland
Office: H-302D
(619) 388-2422

Chemical Hygiene Plan

Chemical Hygiene Plan

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The Chemistry Technician Program is now approved by the American Chemical Society.

The Chemistry Department at Mesa College has an excellent reputation in preparation of students both for transfer and employment. We offer a wide array of courses and programs designed to help students prepare themselves for their future.

Our general (200, 200L, 201, 201L) and organic chemistry (231, 231L, 233 and 233L) are university level courses designed for those students going into the science or pre-professional majors. As the general chemistry track is quite rigorous, we offer preparatory courses, (152 and 152L) to give students the tools to be successful in general chemistry. We also offer a series of courses (100, 130 and 160) designed for students pursuing careers in the allied health fields.

In addition to these, we offer both Techniques in Biochemistry (161) (where students get practical experience in common biochemistry lab techniques), as well as an excellent analytical chemistry course (251). The analytical chemistry course is both a transfer course (for chemistry, biochemistry and related majors), and a skills updating course for those already working in the field. Finally, we offer a course that examines how the pharmaceutical industry works (255). As most of our courses require a laboratory component, our students become adept at not only chemical theory, but also the practical aspects of chemistry.

The department also offers several certificates and Associate's degrees that will enable students not only to transfer, but to gain employment. We have an excellent reputation as a transfer institution and also have strong alliances with local industry. These two aspects make our students well-prepared for transfer to universities or employment in local industry.