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CACM 101 Sanitation, Safety and Equipment

3 hours lecture, 3 units
Grade Only

Description: This course provides safety and sanitation principles and practices for personal and institutional application. Methods and techniques for handling foods safely are examined including food preparation, storage, service and the prevention of food contamination. Also covered are the importance of microorganisms, food borne illness and food allergies, sanitary facilities and equipment, accident prevention, crisis management, and pest management. Compliance with city, state, and federal health regulation as embodied in HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) are emphasized, along with the supervisor's responsibilities in maintaining high standards of these principles. The student receives a San Diego County food handler card and a certificate of completion from the Educational Foundation of the National Restaurant Association upon the successful completion of this course. This course is required for all Culinary Arts/Culinary Management students and is to be taken as the first course prior to all other culinary courses or in conjunction with the first few. It may be used for American Culinary recertification, and is required for the Dietary Service Supervisor Certificate offered by the Nutrition Department.