Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts/Management at Mesa College

The Mesa College Culinary Arts/Culinary Management program is one of the few in the nation that operates a classroom driven restaurant open to the public. The main cafe operates four days a week, in a restaurant-replicated environment, as part of the laboratory, preparation, and service curriculum requirements. Students learn in real-time and obtain immediate feedback from both instructors and those served. Students, faculty and staff and our community neighbors reap the benefit of extraordinary meals served at unbelievable prices

The Culinary program serves lunch Monday-Thursday and dinner in the fall semester Wednesday and Thursday evening. The dining room is located behind the main cafeteria in H-105, on the Mesa College Campus. Free parking is available for the dinner service. Click here for a map, directions and parking information.

Lunch Service: M Fusion Cafe – Spring and Fall
The M Fusion menu changes daily, as students work to understand the nuisances of this complex industry.  Please enjoy their daily creative flair and skill, as they work to become the professionals needed in today’s growing industry.
Made Fresh Daily – Soup, Salad, Proteins, Vegetables, Starches and Dessert.
Entree Prices Vary - $7.00 -  $9.00

Dinners Service: Gourmet Bistro – Fall Only
Five-Course Meal - Including Appetizer, Soup, Salad, Entree and Dessert
$19.00 - Including Coffee or Iced Tea - Tax Included
A La Carte Price Vary
Take-out Available (please bring a take-home sack for your orders)

Program Catering:

The Culinary Arts program also offers catering service as part of the classroom and labratory experience. Click here for more details. 

Going Green:

M Fusion is going green. We have steadily changed from Styrofoam and other oil based products. We have adopted "cradle to cradle" disposables to help minimize the to-go 'footprint'. In addition, we will continue to bring new "green" products in as they become available to our program. We do not have plastic bags for to go, so please bring a reusable sack for to-go items. All of our herbs from our Mesa's 3 organic gardens located on the M Fusion patio, on the side of the "G" building and in the P300 area.