Past Exhibits

All exhibits curated by Alessandra Moctezuma, Gallery DIrector and Museum Studies Professor, unless otherwise noted
Spring 2015
Reshaping the 2%: Contemporary Ceramics, February 2 - 26, 2015

Featured artists: Brian Benfer, Ianna Frisby, Joanne Hayakawa, Rebecca Manson, Brad Schweiger adn Julie York

Fall 2014

Encoded Histories: Doris Bittar and Qais Al-Sindy, October 13 - November 16

Fall 2014 Faculty Exhibition, September 2- 25

Spring 2014 

Richard A. Lou, "Stories On My Back" and James Luna, "I CON", March 17 - April 16

LURE: all is not what it seemsFebruary 3 - 27

Curated by Susan Myrland

Participating artists:
Dan Allen - Bret Barrett - Jon-Loren Bazán- Stephanie Bedwell - Curtis Bracher - Miri Chais - Angella d'Avignon - Moya Devine 
Kim Garcia - Dave Ghilarducci - Richard Gleaves - Alexander Jarman - Savannah Jarman -  Mannlicher Carcano - Mid-Air Trio
George Pritzker - Barbara Sexton - Perry Vasquez - Julie Weitz - Rhonda Weppler

Fall 2013

Acerca de la Cerca: Carmela Castrejon, Maria Teresa Fernandez, Paul Turounet, October 10 - November 6

POKE: A series of Provocations - Debby and Larry Kline, August 26 - September 26

Spring 2013

Women as Givers: Installation and Performance by Feminist Image Group,
March 14 - April 18

Curated by Anna Stump

Dynamic Gestures: Larry Caveney, Silfredo La O, Chris Warr, February 7 - 28

Fall 2012

agitPop: Protest Becomes Graphic

An exhibit of political posters by Lalo Alcaraz, Jesus Barraza, Melanie Cervantes, Chikle and Favianna Rodriguez

October 11 - November 6

Seven Deadly Sins, Curated by Beate Berman-enn, September 6 - October 1

Artists: Phyllis Davidson, Marianela de la Hoz, Gene Flores, Doug Sutherland, Henning von Berg and Peter Zokosky

Spring 2012

Domestic Disobedience: Redefining the Fenimine Space, March 15 - April 19

Curated by Nuvia Crisol Guerra

A group exhibition with Juana Alicia, Claudia Alvarez, Carolyn Castano, Ana Teresa Fernandez, Esther Hernandez

Amalia Mesa-Bains, Delilah Montoya, Angelica Muro, Viviana Paredes, Isis Rodriguez, Sonia Romero

Atara Baker: Layering Time and Place, An African Memoir, February 9 - March 1

Fall 2011

Faculty Plus One: Art faculty invite guests to exhibit artwork alongside their own, October 13 - November 9

Disappearing Landscapes, Featuring photographs by Monique Verdin and cartographic illustration Anthony Fontenot

September 6 - 29 

Spring 2011

Becky Guttin, Above Us Only Sky, March 10 - April 13

Armando Romero, Parody and Plunder, February 1 - 28

Curated by Danielle Susalla Deery

Fall 2010

Unearned Intimacies, curated by Barbara Sexton, October 14 - November 9

Artists: David Fobes, Michele Iversen, K.V. Tomney

Industrial, Nicolas Gadbois, September 9 - 30

Curated by Beate Berman-enn

Spring 2010

Now We Can't Forget: Judith and James Christensen

Faculty Exhibition 2010

Fall 2009

Public Art / Private Works: Judith F. Baca, October 15 - November 12 or

Alexander Lee, Expanding-Eel-Devourer, September 3 - October 1

Spring 2009

Echoes in the Ice: Collages by Rik van Glintenkamp

Shadows and Light in the Niger Delta, Photographs by Ed Kashi, January 29 - March 3

Fall 2008

Premeditated: Meditations on Capital Punishment by Malaquias Montoya, October 9 - November 6

enTangoed Memories: Paintings by Alfredo Antognini, September 2 - 30

A visual journey from the streets of Buenos Aires to the beaches of La Jolla

Spring 2007

Student Exhibition - Art Corridor, second floor of the LRC

Menagerie: showcasing the works of Gloria Torres, Kathi McCord, Artemio Rodrigues, Brent Wear, and Angela Miles.

Fall 2006

Gloria Torres:Memories From the Rolling Hills of Old San Diego

Jeffrey Clark: Fleeting Moments

Spring 2006

Gail Schneider: Assembly of the Wondrous Head

Fall 2005

La Nueva Grafica, political posters by Favianna Rodriguez and Jesus Barraza from Taller Tupac Amaru

Michael Barton Miller: XXXL (Extreme Extra Extra Large)

Spring 2005

Borders of intimacy: Patricia Frischer Cheryl Tall Drawings and Ceramics

Faculty Exhibition 2005

Fall 2004

Stand and Deliver: Engineering Sculpture into a Book Format

Spring 2004

Southern California: A Cinemuralby Louis Hock

Marcos Ramirez ERRE:The Multiplication of Bread

Fall 2003

Kaoru Mansour, Iro: Color

Suda House:Under the Skin of Grace & Cheryl Tall: Twins

Spring 2003

Blue: An Invitational Ceramics Exhibit

Michael Jones McKean: The Rainbow, Quasar, Roller Coaster Divide

In the Spirit of Tina Modotti: Photographs by Vincent Vigil

Fall 2002

Faculty Exhibition 2002

Lynda Frese: Reconstituting the Vanished

Spring 2002

Ruben Ortiz Torres: The Adoration of the Magi

Sheila Pinkel: Site/Unseen

Fall 2001

Sharon Allicotti: Destination Solitude

Maryann Luera: Himself Beheld

Spring 2001

Faith Ringgold: Quilts, Prints and Story Books