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Qais Al-Sindy and Doris Bittar

October 13 – November 6, 2014

Reception: Thursday, October 16, 5 - 7 pm, Art Gallery D101

Artists Lecture following reception at 7 pm, G101

Gallery Conversation with artists: Friday, October 24, 1 pm

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Artist Qais Al-Sindy immigrated to San Diego as a result of the Iraq war. In his installations, paintings and sculptures, he presents the human and social costs of this decade long war. Doris Bittar explores geo-historical shifts and the relationship between “East” and “West.” Her paintings incorporate decorative elements, Arabic calligraphy and intricate patterns merging into a kind of cultural DNA.

Al-Sindy’s artworks represent the effects of this decade long conflict on the Iraqi civilian population. A ready-made placed on a pedestal: two suitcases stand as testament to the great loss incurred by Iraqi refugees—this was the only luggage that they could bring out of the country as specified by the International Organization of Migration. Two bags no more than 50 pounds and no larger than 31 x 23 x 7.9 inches, compressing a lifetime of memories and belongings into a forced journey to a new life. 

Three delicate glass cylinders hold one kilogram of ashes of burnt books which Al-Sindy gathered from the remains of the library of the College of Fine Arts in Baghdad. This kilogram of ashes serves as a painful sampling of the tons books that were destroyed. These are the remains of the treasures of knowledge; the victims are the people that have lost access to this rich information.

As stated by Al-Sindy: History should not be a fable that we have agreed upon. It is certainty produced where the imperfections of memory meet the inadequacies of factual documentation. As artists, we have the insight and ability to carve history itself, but each of us can only impact a small portion.  The totality of all these acts will reflect the history of this generation.  I try to add to this narrative with my artwork.

In paintings like Camo Flag 2, Doris Bittar combines her interest in history with universal notions about decoration. She also relates these to the word “decorum,” suggesting modes of behavior and templates for action. She uses decoration and pattern primarily as entry points - not merely as fill and backdrop. They embody historical residues, identifying markers with which to examine the history and relationships of US and the Middle East, as well as other types of differences. Her paintings reach across real or perceived cultural and political divides.

Bittar is also interested in art that is “inserted into living social contexts.” She does not begin with a political agenda. Her art takes its cues from the decorative traditions of various regions of the world. Some of the pieces, like the accordion artwork with a double image, offer varied perspectives depending on where one is situated along the viewing plane and in the world.

Doris Bittar teaches Fine Art at Cal State San Marcos. Her artwork was recently featured at the San Diego Museum of Art, La Jolla Atheneaum and Oceanside Museum of Art. She has also exhibited her work internationally in Paris, Germany, Italy and in the Alexandria Biennale in Egypt. She has received grants from the Puffin Foundation and the California Arts Council. 

Her paintings are in the collections of the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego; San Diego Museum of Art; Russell Sage Foundation in NY among others.

Qais Al-Sindy studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Baghdad University. In 2009, he had a solo exhibition at the United Headquarters in NYC titled "Endless Peace". He has exhibited paintings and other works in San Diego, Los Angeles, Washington DC. Across the world, he has recently had solo exhibitions in Jordan, Kuwait, Dubai and Switzerland. Through his works he strives to establish a dialogue about peace.

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