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AMSL 230 Interpretation I

3 hours lecture, 3 hours lab, 4 units
Grade Only

Description: This course introduces students to cognitive and critical thinking skills necessary for interpretation between English and American Sign language, including discourse analysis of source language messages, paraphrasing and summarizing techniques, and identification of main points. Emphasis is placed on the steps necessary to produce an equivalent target language message through transliteration, consecutive interpretation, simultaneous interpretation, and peer collaboration. Students are introduced to the skills and knowledge necessary to become culturally sensitive, ethical, and professional ASL-English interpreters. Instruction for class lectures and discussion may be through two types of modalities, ASL to English and/or English to ASL. Students are expected to have a beginning level of interpreting competency in both ASL and English in order to succeed in this course as instruction occurs in both languages. This course is designed for ASL-English Interpretation majors and accommodates those seeking the Certified Deaf Interpreter (CDI) certificate.