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Extended Hours
Friday, January 26th: 8am - 5pm
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Friday, February 2nd: 8am - 5pm
counseling workshops


Registration Workshop

Registration workshops are designed to help students learn about the different options available to them. Students will gain an understanding of the various educational pathways, its benefits, and develop a two semester, abbreviated education plan. Completion of this workshop, in addition to the development of an abbreviated education plan with a counseling faculty will help students meet one of the student success steps at Mesa College.

Face-to-Face Orientation

San Diego Mesa College's Orientation is an interactive way to familiarize students with a variety of helpful community college practices. Information regarding Registration, priority enrollment, special programs, students services, educational planning are just some of the topics covered. Through this orientation, students will also begin to build their Mesa support network. Attention is devoted to helping ensure the understanding of all strategies toward student success . The Counseling Department looks forward to seeing you in a future orientation.

Better Grades for Fee Waivers Flyer

Learn about ways to maintain eligibility for financial aid. This workshop will cover recent changes in the state impacting students' eligibility for the governor's fee waiver. This workshop is designed to assist students who are concerned about their academic standing and would like to take a proactive approach in order to make progress towards their degree and/or educational goal, and maintain eligibility for the BOG Fee Waiver. Don't miss it!

Introduction to Counseling Services

This workshop will cover the various counseling services available to students. Participants will learn more about how to effectively utilize counseling services available at Mesa College.