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Major & Exploration

Experts estimate that more than 25% of entering students are undecided about their major and more than 75% of college students who begin their studies in declared majors change their minds at least once before they graduate.

Choosing a major is one of those decisions that comes to you in your own way and is based on your personal interests, goals, and life experiences. Some students declare their major and change their minds several times before making a final choice, while others prefer to take time to explore options that they have before declaring.

Major Research

These sites not only provide information on majors, but also self-assessment tools to help match interests and majors.

California Career Cafe

College Board

Explore the nation's affordable degrees based on state/subject/degree level through  College Affordability Guide

Major Links

To view our, "Career Exploration: What Can I Do With a Major In..." booklet, click here.

Another way to explore majors is to research the program at your school and the professional organizations related to the majors. We have gather just some sites related to the majors at Mesa College.

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Career Collection in the LRC

The LRC Career Collection provides a wealth of books, ebooks, articles, publications, databases and DVD on almost every career topic.

Just use the  Super Search Tool (scroll to mid-page) on the Library's home page to access the entire collection.

For career articles and reference databases  click here