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  • Student Services Building
    Fourth Floor, I4-410
    P: 619-388-2709
    F: 619-388-5989
  • Monday - Friday:
    • *Office hours vary. Please call/email for an appointment or for inquires. We will return your call/email as soon as we are in the office.
    • Sasha Verastegui
      Adjunct Coordinator & Counselor

      Silvia Ibarra
      Adjunct Counselor

 CalWORKs Continuing Online Student Orientation

Student Agreement

  1. Attend a counseling appointment before the semester begins and before receiving any program services. I understand that if I miss two appointments without calling in advance, I must meet with the program coordinator to continue to receive services.
  2. Complete both the English and Math assessments.
  3. Complete an education plan and a long-range plan or have a current one on file.
  4. Schedule and attend a counseling appointment with a CalWORKs counselor to develop an Individual Training Plan (ITP) and Book Request.
  5. Meet with a CalWORKs counselor when adding, dropping or withdrawing from any course, to revise my ITP and book request for resubmission to my case manager.
  6. Submit my Notice of Action (NOA) at the start of every Summer, Fall, and Spring semester(s).
  7. Contact my Educational Training Advisor (ETA) worker to receive childcare services.
  8. Contact a Mesa College CalWORKs counselor about any changes in my status with the Health and Human Services Agency (HHSA) (Ex. case closes, sanctioned, exempt, etc.).
  9. Advise the MESA Tutoring Computing Center (Mt2C) that I am active in the CalWORKs program when I attend supervised tutoring or to use the computer to help track my hours.
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