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More transportation options - Rideshare, Car pool and uber available.


Many Mesa Students get to campus by alternative transportation modes. They know that a bus, rideshare, car pool, uber, biking or walking saves money and reduces the stress of driving and parking. Be like them. Help Mesa increase its number of alternative transportation users and decrease the number of personal vehicles on campus. Sustainability is one of Mesa College's core values - MesaMoves can help you find earth-friendly transportation options.

  • Valet will be in place from January 30th through February 16th in Lot 2. Students will need a parking permit to use this service.

Transportation Options at Mesa College

In 2015-2016, Mesa College put together a Transportation Task Force under the direction of the Mesa College Facilities Committee. The Transportation Task Force (TTF) developed a plan which included an overall transportation study for the college. The study incorporated a student survey, a staff/faculty survey and data analytics. The result of the study is the basis for the MesaMoves website and increased transportation information and awareness including a partnership with iCommute.  We have added the following transportation options Rideshare, Car pool and UBER.


Mesa, in partnership with iCommute, is offering Mesa students, faculty & staff ridesharing and transportation tools. We encourage you to use iCommute to find the best way to get to campus.
  • Sign up. Get a priority parking spot on campus. Meet other Olympians who share your same commute to form carpools and start saving!
  • Use the free personalized trip planner that provides all options in one screen including costs, time, route maps, calories burned, and CO2 emitted.
  • Rideshare - Sign up at, enter your commute and ride preferences to be matched with other people with the same commute. Rideshare groups may use the carpool parking spots with an appropriate carpool parking pass.
  • Vanpool (must be 21 or older) - more info about Vanpool
  • Vride vanpool (must be 25 or older) - for more information about vRide and its benefits, please visit
      1. Save time and money by vanpooling
      2. Vehicle maintenance and Insurance included
      3. SANDAG subsidizes up to $400/month
      4. Guaranteed Ride Home program sponsored by SANDAG
      5. Month-to-month commitment; no long term contracts

Other Alternatives


Mesa has designated 4 official Uber pick-up locations around campus to assist in providing you other options for commuting. Share the ride and cost with other commuters.  Uber stops are located in the following locations: Student Services Building | Flag Pole | Mesa Commons | Campus Police

Biking - Bikes are a great way to get to campus.  Bicycles may be ridden only on roadways and in parking lots. Bicycles may only be walked on pedestrian walkways and within campus/center core areas. Please watch out for cars and pedestrians. Please follow SDCCD policy AP 7981.1.The use of skateboards, roller-skates, roller blades, and other similar devices is prohibited at all times.

iMesa - MesaMoves has its own icon on the iMesa app, giving you access to all the information included on this page.  Also on the app is Mesa’s campus map, with walking directions to classes and offices -- no more time wasted wondering when to head out or how to get there. Download iMesa free from Google Play or itunes.
Download it free here:
Bus and Trolley Pass Information click here.

Parking - If you plan to drive to campus, you should allow extra time for traffic and parking, which are particularly difficult during the first three weeks of school. To park on any of the SDCCD campuses you must have a current parking decal. More details about permits, and other related info can be found at the SDCCD parking website.

Campus Map – Mesa’s Campus map ( includes walking directions, making it easy to head across campus through the most direct route. Locations for Uber stops and rideshare/vanpool parking stops are included.