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Mesa Pathways

Pathway Communications


To ensure representation and participation of all constituent groups as the college continues to work on Guided Pathways for our students.


  1. Develop a communication plan with Leading from the Middle group.
  2. Develop our “why” and how we want to get there.


  1. Development of an effective, efficient, and inclusive communication plan for the campus.

Meeting Times:

Meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month from 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm. Meetings are being held virtually until further notice.

Meeting Dates:

Spring Semester 2021
  • February 3 & 17
  • March 3 & 17
  • April 7 & 21
  • May 5 & 19

Agendas & Meeting Notes:

Spring Semester 2021 Fall Semester 2020
  • February 3 & 17
  • March 3 & 17
  • April 7 & 21
  • May 5 & 19
Spring Semester 2020 Fall Semester 2019


Name Title Department / Program / Affiliations
Anne Hedekin
Faculty Transfer Center Coordinator
Andy MacNeill
Dean School of Learning Resources and Academic Support
Michael Fitzgerald Faculty Culinary Arts and Management (CACM)
Giovanni “Gio” Garcia Admin Tech President’s Office
Ingrid Jayne Faculty English Department
Inna Kanevsky Faculty Psychology
Jennifer Kearns Director Office of Communications
Gity Nematollahi  Senior Student Service Assistant Transfer Center
Alexander Needleman Pathways Fellow Pathways
Toni Parsons Faculty Math Department, Co-chair of Mesa Pathways Committee
Tiffany Rosenberg Pathways Fellow Pathways
Todd Williamson Instructional Lab Technician School of Learning Resources and Academic Support