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Matriculation is a state-mandated program that enhances access to the California Community Colleges and promotes and sustains the efforts of students to be successful in their educational endeavors. The goals of matriculation are to ensure that all students complete their college courses, persist to the next academic term, and achieve their educational objectives.

Matriculation at San Diego Mesa College continues to provide students with easy access to the college's programs and services. There are several components. These are services provided directly to students and intended to provide equitable possibilities of student success.  Check out the New Student Welcome Page at http://sdmesa.edu/new-student/ for more information on services available to help you succeed.

Getting Started

There are five steps that you need to complete at the start of your academic journey.  Print out the New Student Checklist to help you keep track of your progress.

Step 1: Application

Step 2: Orientation

Step 3: Assessment - English and Math Placement Tests

Step 4: Advisement

Step 5: Registration


1. Admissions

Fill out an application to San Diego Mesa College available online at:

We recommend having official transcripts from other institutions and test scores sent to:

San Diego Community College District
Records Office
3375 Camino del Rio South
San Diego, CA 92108-3883

Submission of transcripts from other institutions will allow counselors to assist you more effectively, in addition to clearing prerequisites as necessary.

After submission of official transcripts from other institutions, students need to request a student record adjustment through the counseling office.

2. Orientation

Prior to taking the English and Math placement tests, you will receive a thorough orientation to San Diego Mesa College's programs, services and facilities through the Online Orientation located at http://mesa.studentpathway.com/mesa/

The orientation will take approximately ninety minutes to complete after which you will be able to take your placement tests. Please note, in order to get credit for completing the orientation, you will need to log in with your student ID number and complete all sections of the four required modules.

When you have finished the orientation, print the completion screen that includes your name, student ID number, and the date of completion. Submit this form to the Testing Office staff in order to begin the assessment of your English and/or Math skills.

Please contact the Testing Office with any questions (619) 388-2718, or if you are having difficulty logging in.


The Online Orientation will cover essential information that will prepare students for their transition to San Diego Mesa College and  addresses the following:


  • Information that helps students navigate through the admissions and registration process
  • An introduction to college resources, programs, and services
  • Ideas that help students succeed in college
  • An overview of college regulations, as well as students' rights and responsibilities (Policy 3100)
  • Math and English Placement Results
  • Information on online resources, first semester planning, and registration

This orientation will remain available to you for follow-up visits and reference.  There are additional supplemental (not required) modules to support your success including information about managing your money, campus life, and even specific programs for veterans, student athletes, and international students.  You can find all of these, and more, at the New Student Welcome Page (http://sdmesa.edu/new-student/).

3. Assessment

Students will receive a fair and accurate assessment of their current skill levels in English and mathematics.

Matriculation requires that all new students be tested in basic skills if they are planning to pursue any of the following educational goals.

  • Transfer to a four-year institution
  • Earn a degree or certificate
  • Enroll in basic English, mathematics, and/other courses with English and math prerequisites
  • Or are undecided about their educational goal

Students are exempt from the English and Math placement tests if they have earned an Associate in Arts degree or higher or have completed English and math courses, or have received a qualifying score on the standardized tests listed below within the past two years. Students should bring or send official copies of  test scores directly to the District Student Services office.

Test Minimum Score Required
SAT - ENGL 500
SAT - MATH 560










Ready for CSU College-level English/Math Courses

EAP Conditional Conditional status does NOT meet the criteria
College Engl AP 3, 4 or 5

The testing session will help determine which English and math classes you are prepared to take. Prepare by reviewing sample test questions available online at:

Sample Tests or visit the testing office located in I4-201.

4. Advisement

Upon completion of the testing session, your placement results will be forwarded to your email.  You can then bring your placement results to the Counseling Office (I4-303) to develop your two-semester Abbreviated Education Plan (using this Abbreviated Education Plan worksheet).  Or, use your placement results to get started on selecting your first semester classes on your own with the Miss Olympia online advisor.

5. Registration

Now that you have completed your application, orientation, assessment, and advisement, you are ready to register for classes.  Here are some resources that will help you as you plan your schedule:

Reg-e - Register for Your Classes Online

Schedule of Classes - Search for Available Class Sections


Follow-up: Educational Plan Development

Counselors are available to assist students with course planning and educational plan development. Make an appointment to meet with a counselor to design a student educational plan outlining the course requirements for your specific program of interest. Periodic updating of this plan is encouraged to ensure that students are receiving the most current information. Contact the Counseling Office at (619) 388-2672 to arrange an appointment