August 17 Fall 2020 Begins
Key Dates & Deadlines

Kits and supplies available to Mesa students for Fall 2020 courses:

  • Architecture: Drafting boards and tools and model making materials
  • Astronomy: Supplies to build their own Galilean telescopes, study the expansion of the universe, and study lunar phases and eclipses
  • Botany: Pocket microscopes, pack of colors, glue stick, several kinds of fresh/preserved plants, seeds, peat pellets, plastic trays, plastic cups
  • Culinary Arts/Culinary Management: Pots, pans, cooking utensils, small equipment
  • Dental Assisting: Dental tools and supplies
  • Fashion: Sewing machines, dress forms, patterns, fabric, sewing notions
  • Fine Art - Ceramics and 3D Classes: Pottery wheels, clay, plaster, rubber, and glazes
  • Geology: Rock and mineral reference sets
  • Interior Design: Design boards, and materials
  • Journalism: Cameras and recording devices (as needed)
  • Microbiology:Nutrient Agar plates, eppendorf tubes with harmless bacteria, gloves, cotton tipped applicators, sterile disposable loops, transfer pipets
  • Natural History: Pocket microscopes, pack of colors, glue stick, fossil specimens, rock specimens, preserved animal/parts of animal specimens
  • Physical Science:- Supplies to build their own solar ovens, speakers, Galilean telescopes, and kits for studying electricity and light
  • Physical Therapist Assistant: Skeletons, stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, wheel walkers, belts, bands, and wraps
  • Physics: Kits to study optics, electricity and projectiles
  • Radiological Technologist: Skeletons
  • Zoology: Mini microscopes, animal dissection kits