Staff Directory

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Last Name First Name Department Position Office Phone
Collins Jarred Accelerated College Program Accelerated College Program, Chair MS 415T 619-388-2384
Hinkes Madeleine Institutional Effectiveness | Anthropology Acting Dean, Institutional Effectiveness SB305M 619-388-2294
Dougherty Nellie EOPS Acting Director/EOPS Counselor I4-309 619-388-2706
Clary William American Sign Language American Sign Language, Chair G-326 858-429-5563 VRS
Kay Ian Architecture | Architecture/Environmental Design Architecture, Co-Chair Z-213 619-388-2260
Betschart Nathan Art Art/Drama, Co-Chair G-240 619-388-2204
Lara Mario F. Art Art/Drama, Co-Chair G-245 619-388-2237
Seiger Leslie Biology Biology, Chair MS 315P 619-388-2425
Mayasa Thekima D. Black Studies Black Studies, Chair G-103B 619-388-2352
Abajian Mark Business | Marketing Business G-225 619-388-2432
Tuttle Tracy Business | Accounting Business, Chair G-222 619-388-2247
Fremland Robert J. Chemistry Chemistry, Chair MS 415K 619-388-2422
Lopez Cesar Chicano Studies Chicano Studies, Chair G-103C 619-388-2368
Wesley Walter Duane Computer Science | Computer and Information Science Computer Science, Chair S-312 619-388-2234
Jansen Jill DSPS Coordinator, Counselor, LD Specialist I4-405 619-388-2780
Crakes Ailene Counseling Counseling Chair I4-303 619-388-2720
Owen Karen Computer Business Technology | Multimedia Digital Technology, Chair G-319 619-388-2235
Cost Jennifer English English, Chair G-306 619-388-2363
Bingham Leela Languages | Spanish Languages, Chair G-235 619-388-2361
Berry Jeff Languages | Spanish Languages, Co-Chair G-219 619-388-2342
Bass Alan Mathematics Mathematics MS 215L 619-388-2378
Teegarden Mary Therese Mathematics Mathematics, Chair MS 215E 619-388-2399
Lauria Danielle Medical Assisting | Allied Health Medical Assisting, Program Director S317 619-388-2267
Svoboda George Music Music, Chair C-212 619-388-2216
DuPraw Christine M. Consumer and Family Studies | Nutrition Nutrition, Chair S-309 619-388-2208
Ellis Jan Physical Education | Athletics Physical Education, Chair L-101A 619-388-2428
Barrie Donald Physical Sciences Physical Sciences, Chair MS 115J 619-388-2942
Miyoshi Dina Behavioral Science | Psychology Psychology SB-305F 619-388-2289
Crocitti John Social Sciences | History Social Sciences, Chair SB-311C 619-388-2417
Perigo Kim Communication Studies Speech G-212 619-388-5721