Department and Services Directory


504 and SCO Officer (Email: ) 2345 G-248 G-301
Academic Senate 2733 A-109 A-117
Accelerated College Program 2339 G-248 G-110
Accounting Office 2704 I4-106 I4-106
Admissions 2682 I4-102 I4-102
Affirmative Action 2440 G-248 A-111A
Allied Health (Program Information) 2789    
Allied Health Admissions/Enrollment 2684 I4-102 I4-102
Animal Health Tech 2831 P-300 P-300
Anthropology Museum 2627 K-202 K-206
Art Gallery 2829 D-103 D-105
Associated Students 2903 I4-409 I4-409
Athletic Department 2737 L-101 L-101
Audio Visual 2690 LRC LRC
Biology Tech Lab 2822 K-202 I-120
Bookstore 2854 H-110 H-110
Brain Injury Classroom 1952 CE CE
Bridges to the Baccalaureate 2895 B-103 B-107
Bridging Skills Lab 2869 K-202 H-218
Business Manager 2990 A-102 A-102
Business Services Budget 2771 A-102 A-102
Career Planning & Placement Center 2777 I4-306 I4-306
Center for Independent Learning 2769 LRC LRC
Ceramics 2612 D-103 D-201
Chemistry Lab 2825 K-202 I-113/4
Chicano Studies 2266 G-248 G-103
Child Development Center 2812 R R
Citizen's Advisory Council 2915 A-104 A-103
Classroom Reservations 2755 A-104 A-103
Communications Office 2759 A-109 A-113
Computer Lab 2880
Computer Bus. Tech Lab 2890 F-204 K-405
Computer Tech/SCT 2615 A-109 A-109
Conference Room Reservation 2775 A-104 A-104
Conference/Travel 2771 A-102 A-102
Counseling 2672 I4-303 I4-303
Crisis Intervention 2538
(Pager 898-8719)
I-430 I-430
Custodial Office 2814 K-202 J-108
Dean of Arts and Languages 2873 G-248 G-201
Dean of Business/ComputerStudies & Technologies 2803 K-108B J-106
Dean of Health Sciences/Public Service 2789 S324 S300
Dean of Humanities 2797 G-248 G-201
Dean of Instructional Support Services/Economic Development 2509 A-109 A-111
Dean of Learning Resources and Technology 2799 A-109 A-109
Dean of Math and Natural Sciences 2795 K-202 J-107
Dean of Physical Education/Health Education and Athletics 2737 L-101 L-101
Dean of Social/Behavioral Sciences &Multicultural Studies 2801 A-109 A-111
Dean of Student Affairs 2699 I4-408 I4-408
Dean of Student Matriculation/ Development 2896 I4-401 I4-401
Dental Assisting 2697 S314 S324
Dev Learning Lab 2783 H-201 H-202
Disability Support Programs & Services 2780
(TTY 388-2409)
I4-405 I4-405
Disability Support Programs & Services Test Proctoring Center 2726
(TTY 388-2875)
I4-405 I4-405
Douglas Stadium Grounds Facility 2652 K-202 J-108
Drama Department 2650 C-109 C-103
Drama Box Office 2621    
Employment/Payroll 2746 A-101 A-101
Certificated Timekeeping 2746 (Crisanta Palmiter)
2746 (Elaine Vega)
A-101 A-101
Classified Contract 2746 (Lillie Sherman) A-104 A-104
Classified Hourly 2746 (Luisa Falo) A-104 A-104
EOPS 2706 I4-309 I4-309
Equipment Repair 2814 K-202 J-108
Evaluators 2680 I3-201 I3-201
Evening Supervisor 2463   J-202
Facilities Rentals 2373 A-104 A-104
Facilities Services 2814 K-202 J-108
Financial Aid 2817 I4-107 I4-107
Food Service 2727 H-105 H-105
Foundation Office 2990 A-102 A-102
Grounds Department 2610 K-202 K-216
Health Information Tech 2606 S308 S324
Health Services/Nurse 2774 I4-209 I4-209
High Tech. Center 2893 LRC-209 LRC-209
Honors Program 2341 G-248 G-301
Information 2600 A-104 A-108
International Education 2213 G-248 I-109
International Student Admissions 2717 I4-102 I4-102
Language Lab 2508   LRC-229
Library 2695
2696 (Staff Use Only)
Lost and Found 2749 K-202 J-202
Lounge, Staff 2558   H-102
Mailroom 2763 K-203 K-203
Master Calendar 2721 A-104 A-104
Medical Assisting 2242 S317 S324
Mesa Academy 2987 I4-303 I4-303
Mesa Press 2630 G-248 G-109
Metro Trailer 565-6536 K-202  
Nurse/Health Services 2774 I4-209 I4-209
Parking Enforcement 388-6415    
Physical Sciences
Physics Lab
Physical Therapist Assistant Program 2839 S321 S324
Police, Mesa 2749
2748 (Emergency Only)
K-202 J-202
President's Office 2721 A-104 A-104
Master Calendar Items 2721    
Facilities Rentals 2373    
Printing and Mail Services 2764 K-203 K-203
Puente Project 2837 I4-303 I4-303
Radiologic Technology 2666 S315 S324
Records, Student 2805 I4-102 I4-102
Residency Determination 2688 I4-102 I4-102
Room Reservations (Classroom) 2755 A-104 A-103
Safety Officer 2814 K-202 J-108
Security 2749
2748 (Emergency Only)
K-202 J-202
Service Learning/Humanities Institute 2873 A-109 A-109
Staff Lounge/Dining 2633   H-100
STAR 2481 I4-308 I4-308
Stockroom 2761 K-202 J-201
Student Affairs Office 2699 I4-408 I4-408
Student Health Services (Nurse) 2774 I4-209 I4-209
Student Services Center 2678 I-400 I-400
Study Abroad 2213 G-248 I-109
Teacher Reading & Dev 2230 I3-200 I3-200
Telephone Repair 2480 G-248 A-109
Testing & Orientation 2718 I4-201 I4-201
Theater, Apolliad 2621 C-109 C Bldg
Transfer Center 2473 I4-306 I4-306
Travel/Conference Requests 2771 A-102 A-102
Tutoring Center 2898 I-207(M) I-207(M)
Veterans 2805 I4-102 I4-102
Vice President/Instruction 2755 A-103 A-104
Vice President/ Student Services 2678 I4-401 I4-401
Work Experience 2789 S-300 S-300