Events and Reservations 

Welcome to the Mesa College Events and reservations Page!

Attention: Given the Spring term is almost over, and all events require 3 weeks advance notice, any event request for the remainder of Spring 2016 must come directly from the applicable Vice President to the Vice President of Administration.

If you have submitted a form for Fall 2016, or if your request is more than 4 months away, please check with Taj George starting June 2016 and no later than August 2016. No fall events can be booked until the class schedule is finalized.

Welcome! This page will provide information for the students, faculty, and staff of Mesa College. If you are a member of an outside agency and would like to rent a room or outdoor space, we ask you please visit our Facility and Rentals page.

The event and reservation process has changed, and we strongly encourage everyone to review the Event and Reservation Form and the FAQs as they provide critical information regarding the new process. Room reservations  (outside of scheduled classes) and Events are now handled through Administrative Services. The Event and Reservation Form drives this new process, and is a critical part of any request.  If you are still uncertain or have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact Taj George at x2373 or

FAQs – Full Document

SD Mesa Event and Reservation Form


When is the Event and Reservation Form required? Due to the growth of the campus, the form is required for all events and most reservations to ensure resources are available, even for a 'simple' set-up request. Please complete the form with as much information as possible, or if needed, send supporting documentation. Late and/or critical reservations will be handled on a case by case basis. Completed forms, or questions about the form, can be sent to Taj George at This form drives the whole event and reservation process, and must be submitted at least 3 weeks prior to your request. Availability can be checked before you submit the form, but a reservation cannot be finalized with out it. Reservations requested over the phone or as a walk-in still require an Event and Reservation Form the same day in order to be processed.

Do I need this form even for general meetings? Yes - the number of requests impacting the campus has increased. The most common exception to this are committee or department meetings in a conference room the department owns, provided no facilities, parking, or any other area is impacted. Impacts to the campus include visitors or invited guests.

Once I send the form, is there anything left for me to do? After sending a form, Facilities, AV, and Parking will be handled by the VPA Office unless otherwise indicated. However, there may be some areas you are responsible for coordinating. These include:

  • Vendor paperwork and invoices
  • Any refreshments you wish to be handled by Mesa
  • Guest Speaker paperwork and invoices

The VPA Office is in the process developing a document to assist you with these areas. If you have any questions, please contact Taj George.

Does my Dean need to physically sign the form? Your Dean does not need to place a wet signature on the form - they can either type their name in the box stating "Dean/Manager" or send an emailed approval to Taj George. If you are requesting a room for a 'regular' meeting, you may not require Dean approval - please contact Taj George regarding this.

I just need parking support only - do I still need the form? Parking permits and passes are now approved through the VPA Office. When in doubt, error on the side of sending the form. The most common exception are guests lecturers for scheduled classes, who are NOT being advertised, and are speaking only to a specific class. If you have any questions on whether you need the form to accompany your permit request, please contact Taj George.

on event day

  • Please do not request a set-up to be complete no earlier than 1 hour prior to your event. If there is a specific need for an even to be set-up more than an hour early, please discuss this with your Dean and Taj George before submitting the form.
  • As stated previously, the quantity of requests for set-ups, reservations, and other event functions have increased. If your event is relatively small, or is an 'open-door' or AV request, please allow up to 15min before the function start time before calling Taj George to place an urgent call to Facilities. If your event is a larger event, or requires special set-up, please allow up to 30min depending on the event type.
  • We are happy to confirm reservations, set-ups, and other areas related to your event in the days leading up to it to make sure everything is covered.

Saturday Events

All Saturday events must be self-supporting as there are no facilities crews or full AV staffing levels on campus. Saturday events still need the event form, and they must have an emailed approval from the Dean or Manager. Any exceptions to this must be discussed with the Dean/Manager and Vice President of Administrative Services, and the form must be submitted 2 months in advance. Please do not hesitate to contact Taj George regarding Saturday events.


Updated May 2016