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Admissions FAQ

admissions FAQ

Applying and Registering for Courses 

Where do I go to apply for Admission?

The application to SD Mesa is a two step process.

Click this link and you will be taken to Open CCC Apply.  After creating your CCC account, log back into Open CCC and submit a SD Mesa application. 

You can also follow our College Student Guide on this link. 

What is Open CCC Apply? OpenCCC is a service of the California Community Colleges Chancellors Office, it's the application system for all CA community colleges. 
Where can I find my student ID?

Your student ID is in the welcome letter that was sent to the email you entered on the application when applying to the college.

If you cannot find this email, you can email Admissions with your name and photo ID/Driver’s license and we can provide this information.

Where do I create mySDCCD Account? 

Once you get your welcome email with your 10 digit student ID, you can go to the mySDCCD account creation page.

You can also follow our College Student Guide on this link to create your portal account. 

How do I find classes?

Active student portal users (MySDCCD) can access the class schedule under “My Classes” 

If you are not a current student, you can access the class schedule through this link

How to add a class?

Through your MySDCCD student portal >My Classes> Enrollment Add Classes> Enter class number or look up classes through “Class search”

How to use Permission numbers?

You must drop yourself from the wait list in order to use the permission number once the class has started.

Login to MySDCCD portal, navigate to My Classes> Enrollment: Add Classes. From your shopping cart, enter the five-digit class number and then it will prompt you to enter the permission number (add code). Continue to Next, then step 2 out of 3 to fully enroll in the course.

How to get off the Waitlist?

The Waitlist will automatically move you up on the list. You will receive an email notification when you have been enrolled into the course. 

If you want to be dropped from the Waitlist: MySDCDD> My Classes> Enrollment Drop Classes> select class

What are the add/drop dates?

The add/drop deadlines are the last day students can add a course (once the semester has started) or drop with no “W” on record and qualify for a full refund. The class deadlines are available on the class schedule. For 16wk courses, there is a 2-week period to add/drop. For short term courses, the dates are different. It is important that students pay attention to the start/end date of the course and note the important class deadlines for that class.  Look for the calendar icon.

How to crash a class?

During COVID- 19, to crash a course, you’ll need to email the instructor to request a permission number (add code). Here is the link to faculty directory: 

How long before a student gets an email with user ID after applying?

It can take up to 48 hours for the application to process and for students to receive an invitation email with ID number. If it has been more than 48 hours and a student has not received an email, they are encouraged to submit a help ticket with a government issued photo ID to - so we can retrieve that information.

Pre-Requisites & Challenge Testing
How to clear pre-requisites online or through email? Students need to email an unofficial transcript to along with name, student ID number and the class for which you want to clear. 
Where do I submit my official transcripts to be evaluated?

Due to the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the office closure, we are not currently accepting hard copy transcripts; however, we are accepting electronic transcripts (PDF format).

When ordering a transcript, if the sending institution has partnered with Credentials/E-Scrip-Safe, the transcript will be sent as a PDF directly to the San Diego Community College District for City College, Mesa College, or Miramar College.

We are currently working to establish direct accounts with Parchment and the National Student Clearinghouse.  In the interim, regardless of the institution you are sending from, request to send the transcript to the following email address: 

Students are responsible for requesting official transcripts from each institution attended to be sent to SDCCD.

Transcripts from foreign institutions are not required.

Transcripts are only accepted from one year after issuance.

How long before my transcripts are evaluated? Transcripts will be evaluated within 75 business days following the student’s request to have the transcript evaluated. The request needs to be submitted through the Counseling Department.

General Q&A

How to contact the faculty?

SDCCD created a faculty directory located on this link 

You can search by class number or instructor name

How do I get my official SDCCD transcripts?

Courses taken at SD City, SD Mesa and SD Miramar are combined into one official transcript from the San Diego Community College District (SDCCD). 

Current students can access the transcript request page from the mySDCCD portal under the “Student Quicklinks” tab.

Former students can access the transcript request page from the District’s website.

PLEASE NOTE: Most Colleges/Universities have shut down due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) and are not receiving hard copy transcripts. Prior to ordering a transcript, please be sure to confirm with the receiving institution/organization that they will continue to receive hard copies via U.S. mail. It is the student's responsibility to confirm and make the appropriate selection. Students will not be credited for transcripts mailed out if the receiver is not accepting hard copies. Students will have to submit a new order for an electronic transcript.

How do I apply for an allied health program? Check the admissions and application process for each program on the SD Mesa Allied Health website
I made a mistake on my application and need to update my name, how do I update my name?

Please visit the following page for access and instructions regarding Name, Date of Birth and Social Security Changes:

When submitting the Update SSN, Name, Birthdate form to the support desk you will need to submit the following documentation via scan or photo:

 Name Change:

  • Federally Issued Photo ID (Driver's License, State ID Card, Passport, etc)
  • Legal Documentation for the change (Marriage Certificate, Divorce Decree, Naturalization/Citizenship, Petition for Name Change, etc)
How do I make a correction to my SSN? how to update SSN?

Visit the website listed below. Download and fill out Update SSN, Name and DOB form. Submit the form along with

  • Federally Issued Photo ID (Driver's License, State ID Card, Passport, etc)
  • Signed Social Security Card

I forgot to add my SSN, how do I add it to my student account?

Visit the website listed below. Download and fill out Update SSN, Name and DOB form. Submit the form along with a picture of Government issued ID and SSN card.

I got married/divorced, how do I update my legal name?

Visit the website listed below. Download and fill out Update SSN, Name and DOB form. Submit form along with Marriage certificate or Divorce decree and Government-issued photo ID with new name.

Need to change my name due to naturalization?

Visit the website listed below. Download and fill out Update SSn, Name and DOB form. Submit form along with copies of Naturalization certificate, Court order name change form and Government issued photo ID with new name.

There is a mistake on my DOB, how do I correct my DOB on file? Visit the website listed below. Download and fill out Update SSN, Name and DOB form. Submit form along with Government issued photo ID and Birth Certificate.
Where can I locate and submit forms?  All of our admissions forms can be downloaded and submitted on your district online form submission located on this link:
How do I clear my residency? How do I contact the residency staff?

The residency staff is here to help. They can be reached at please include your name and student ID in your email. 

HS student wanting to take a college course? 

If you are a current 11th or 12th grade student, wanting to take a college course at SD Mesa, please complete the Supplemental Application for High School Students via this link, the application process is fully online. 

Change your home school from SD City or SD Miramar to SD Mesa? 

To change your home school, you will need to contact our counseling department to change your educational plan and secondly, contact our financial aid office as they are the ones who begin the process of changing home school.

Financial aid:  

Are summer/fall classes going online for 2020?

All summer 2020 courses will be taught online. Most Fall 2020 courses are also being taught remotely with a very limited number of classes that will be face to face. Please makes sure you are looking at class details to see if the course is remote. 

How can I reapply for readmission after a disqualification?

The first step in being readmitted after a disqualification, is to reach out to counseling at 

How do I get my "Mesa HS Student" hold released? 

All high school students will have a high school hold on their account, preventing them from self-enrolling in classes. This hold remains on the student’s account, until proof of high school completion is provided to the college. High school students are enrolled by the College Admissions office, and are only allowed to drop classes.

How can I clear a disqualification hold and reapply for admission?

To clear this hold, please contact the Counseling office. Email: or call 619-388-2672

Once the hold has been released, you’ll have to submit an online application to active your account:

How do I clear residency? For residency, email  – include your student ID number and a government issued ID/Driver’s license. They will let you know what documents to provide for reclassification.
Who do I contact for Promise Program questions?

For questions regarding SD Promise, email or Google Voice Phone: (619) 800-2246 or (619) 800-2632

How can I contact Accounting?

To contact Student Accounting, email or call (619) 354- 1103 (M-F 8 am - 4 pm)

How long before a hold is removed once a payment is made?

After completing a payment, the hold is not removed automatically. It takes a couple of hours for the hold to be released.

How long before a student can access canvas after adding to schedule?

It takes about 4 hours for Canvas to reflect the recently added course. 

How do I drop a class? 

Students should drop courses via mySDCCD until the posted deadline. Find the important deadlines for dropping without a "W" and with a refund as well as the deadline to drop with a "W" by clicking the calendar icon next to the course information mysdccd calendar icon.

Students are responsible for dropping a course that they no longer wish to attend by the posted deadline or a letter grade will be assigned. Non-attendance WILL NOT guarantee that a student will be dropped from a course.