neuRodiagnostic Technologist

Course List & Program Costs

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The complete list of program courses, including total units is detailed on the following page by semester.  The current tuition is $46.00/unit and non-resident tuition is $245.00/unit.  All students must pay a mandatory $20.00 Student Health Service fee and parking fees.  All costs listed below are subject to change without notice and may be different if using your own healthcare provider. 

  • American Databank Complio Immunization Tracker - $26.00/year
  • Background Check & Drug Screen Combo package - $71.00/year
  • CPR American Heart Association BLS Certification - $50.00 - $70.00
  • Physical Exam at Mesa Health Services - $35.00 cash
  • TB skin test (2 step) at Mesa Health Services year one - $16.00 cash
  • TB skin test at Mesa Health Services - annual for year two - $8.00 cash
  • Tdap at Mesa Health Services - $45.00 cash
  • MMR at Mesa Health Services - $79.00 cash
  • Varicella vaccine at Mesa Health Services - $133.00 cash
  • Hep B Series at Mesa Health Services - $62.00 cash
  • Flu vaccine at Mesa Health Services - Free 


New student admission into the program will be contingent upon the satisfactory completion of the follow for placement into Directed Clinical Practice (clinical education at hospital affiliates). 

  • Successful completion of a background check & drug screen
  • Physical exam by a physician or nurse practitioner 
  • All required immunizations and/or lab titers indicating immunity
  • Annual TB testing (chest x-ray, if applicable)
  • CPR certification

The checklist must be completed by the deadline.  Students with incomplete items by the deadline will forfeit their spot in the program due to ineligibility and must reapply to the program.

The hospital affiliates have the right to reject student placement based on their own established policies regarding background and drug screen results, which do not necessarily reflect the policies of the district or school.  If a hospital affiliate refuses student placement, the decision is final and the student will not be admitted to the program.