Mesa College Research Conference 2016 - San Diego Mesa College

2016 MCRC

Poster Presentations

Kevin Nguyen
Structural and Functional Analysis of Indirect Flight Isoform of Drosophila Melanogaster Myosin Carried Out Through Methods of Protein Purification and X-ray Crystallography

Edmund Farrell-Marcellino
Mathematical Modelling Applied to Cancer Propagation

Tarik Smith
Swimming In Physics: The Magic Behind The Mechanics

Mong Ng
The Consequence of Human Behavior: Whale Population Recovery After the Institution of International Whaling Convention in 1986

Morgan Bourgeois
Rhizobium Bacteria Evolution and Benefits to Restoration, Rehabilitation, and Defense in the Field of Agriculture

Patricio Gallardo García Freire
Reinserting Ourselves into the Ecosystem: The Implications of Human Waste Recycling in Water Management

Melanie Helene Michel-Stuart
The Symbolic The Expression of Science in Ancient Egyptian/Kemetic Culture

Margaret Do
Tracking Radiation Signals of the Chernobyl and Fukushima Disasters and the Consequences that Followed

Emory Hingorani
Gender Study of Obedience Through Signs

Juan David Ortiz-Romero
Graphology and Gender

Katie Peters
We are what we eat: Dietary influence on oral microbes

Sarah Rainsdon
Multitasking and its effect on memory retention

Behtash Adibi
The Effect of Racial and Ethnical Differences on Unintentional and Subtle Microaggression

Phuoc Truong
Gender Difference in Proximity

Geneva Le
Gender Differences in Prosocial Behavior

Yang Jiao
Does practicing yoga change the relation between stress and happiness among college students?

Nicholas Cantrell
Training Artificial Neural Networks in Virtual Environments

Patricia Cleaver
Hanging Around, Orangutans at the Zoo

Monique Andujo
Substrate Use In Large Primates: Natural Versus Artificial Substrate use in Sumatran Orangutans (Pongo abelii)

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