What sort of educational experiences are you interested in? How do you know when your experiences have been converted into that most valuable of currencies, learning? How, then, do you take what you have learned out into the world with you? One possible way to respond to these questions is to consider the words of Margaret Wheatley, the American philosopher: "One of the essential and elemental characteristics of all life is freedom, the freedom to see the world and interpret things as the individual chooses." Here in the School of Humanities we believe that a foundation in the humanistic tradition provides you with the educational opportunities that allow you that freedom.

Mission Statement

The School of Humanities supports the General Education core curriculum. Our School includes the English and Speech Communication departments, as well as two co-curricular programs, the college newspaper and the speech and debate team. Our students learn how to think, not what to think, and are provided with a wide range of opportunities to participate in useful and intellectually challenging activities. Students learn to analyze opinions and assumptions. The School of Humanities concentrates on helping our students think critically and solve problems in a creative way. We strive to inspire the human imagination as well as human thought. We examine ideas, meaning, and values as expressed in local, national, and international communities. We do this specifically through effective writing and speaking strategies. Our ultimate aim is to invest in our students so they can be more successful in professional and educational endeavors.


Communication Studies



Andrew MacNeill, Ed.D.
Office: G201

Carlota Vidrio
Sr. Secretary
Office: G201

The School of Humanities offers coursework in English, Communication Studies, English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), Journalism, Teacher Education, and , of course, the Humanities. The school is also the home to the college's Honors Society, its Humanities Institute, and the campus Writing Center. We are here, in other words, to facilitate your learning experiences at any and all levels. In turn, we hope that you are able to turn these experiences into something valuable to yourself and your community.