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Raza Grad
Raza Grad Celebration

Raza Grad Celebration is a culturally empowering ceremony including speakers in English and Spanish and performances representing historical traditions from throughout the Americas. Raza Grad celebrates the diversity of the Chican@/Hispanic/Indigenous/Latin@ culture. The graduation celebration is open to all San Diego Mesa College graduating students who value the access to higher education and retention of our communities. Participation is not limited by area of study, ethnic background or national origin.

Dear Raza Grad students and community,

We regret to inform you due to the current situation with COVID-19, our Raza Grad 2020 event, which was supposed to take place on Saturday, May 2, 2020, has been cancelled.  The committee's first priority is the safety of students and their families, as well as all of those who participate to make the event happen.

As you may know, there are federal and state prohibitions against large group assemblies and due to the need for us to give timely notice to the vendors who participate in the event, we have no choice but to cancel.

The committee congratulates you on your achievements and wishes you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

Raza Grad Committee

Please contact Raza Grad for any questions or additional information:

During the ceremony we will play a slide show with your picture along with a brief statement. If you would like to appear in the slideshow please complete the following:

Please upload a picture of yourself, make it a JPEG file.

The Raza Grad Committee reserves the right to deny any picture that is considered inappropriate. 

Photo upload link:
Please only upload 1 picture

Your statement should be 1-2 sentences. Please choose from one of the following prompts for your statement:

a) Tell us about where you are transferring to
b) Tell us what degree you are earning
c) Thank your supporters, family, friends, and/or faculty

The Raza Grad Committee reserves the right to edit/condense your statement.

If you do not wish to provide a "Thank you" statement, place a checkmark below.
Number of guests (Limit of 3 per student)

Disclaimer: By attending the Raza Grad Ceremony, you are therefore giving consent for the committee to utilize pictures taken at the event in future promotional documentation.

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