Catalog Committee


A sub-committee of the San Diego Mesa College Curriculum Review Committee, the Catalog Sub-Committee recognizes the catalog as a legal document which provides students, faculty, staff and other educational institutions information regarding academic policies, degree and certificate programs, course offerings, curricula for transfer to baccalaureate institutions, and student services. The primary purpose of the committee is to coordinate the yearly update of the college catalog and to ensure that the contents are accurate, clear and useful.

The following are the specific duties of the committee:

• Coordinate the review of assigned catalog sections (i.e. – General Information, Student Services, Academic Information and Regulations, Transfer Guide).

• Serve as a liaison between the reviewers assigned to the primary sections and the catalog committee co-chairs.

• Serve as a liaison to Mesa Deans and Department Chairs in Instruction and Student Services.

• Serve as a liaison to District Instructional and Student Services.

• Ensure that catalog update/revision deadlines are met.

• Ensure that curriculum policies and procedures are followed.

• Consult with appropriate individual(s) when specific information is required relative to the catalog.


Co-chairs (2):

  • Charlotta Robertson, Acting Articulation Officer, Office of Instruction
  • Paul Sykes, Professor of Biology, School of Math & Natural Sciences

Administrative (1 representative):

  • Tim McGrath, Vice President of Instruction

Faculty (4 representatives):

  • Paula Gustin, Curriculum Review Committee (CRC) Co-Chair
  • Ken Berger, Professor of Geography
  • Richard Chagnon, Professor of Music
  • Gabriel Adona, Counseling

Classified (4 representatives):

  • Arlis Svedberg, Office of Instruction/CRC
  • Brandon Terrell, Office of Instruction
  • Dulce Lopez, Admissions Office
  • Lia Ciaschi, Office of Institutional Effectiveness

District Liaison (1 representative):

  • Shelly Hess, Dean of Curriculum and Instructional Services

Ex Officio (2 representatives):

  • Vacant, Systems Support Analyst, District Instructional Services
  • Nazhat Yousif, District Student Services

Student (1 representative):

  • Johanna Eriksson, Associated Student Government Representative

Minimum of one meeting per semester.


Co-Chairs (2)

• Administrator, Instructional Services

• Articulation Officer or Academic Senate Representative

Administrative: Deans/Managers/Supervisors (1 representative)

• Vice President of Instruction or designee

Faculty (4 representatives)

• Arts and Sciences

• Career and Technical Education

• Curriculum Review Committee Co-Chair

• Student Services

Classified (4 representatives)

District Liaison (1 representative)

• District Instructional Services

Ex-Officio (2 representatives)

• District Instructional Services

• District Student Services

Student (1 representative)

• Student