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President's Cabinet Retreat Agenda Outcomes


President's Cabinet
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President’s Cabinet is comprised of members from all participatory bodies on the campus and serves as the major recommending body of the College and the centralized hub for recommendations including integrated resource planning and institutional effectiveness. At each President's Cabinet meeting, the President gets the data and input to make informed decisions and then these outcomes are communicated back to all participatory governance bodies. The President's Cabinet holds a retreat each semester to evaluate where the College is with respect to institutional effectiveness. In the Fall, the group typically looks at how we do what we do, and in the Spring, it assesses outcomes of all of our processes and the status of key performance indicators. Based on these discussions, college processes and policies are reviewed and revised if needed.

2018-2019 President's Cabinet:
Pamela T. Luster, President
Leslie Shimazaki, Interim Vice President, Instruction
Ashanti Hands, Vice President, Student Services
Lorenze Legaspi, Vice President, Administrative Services
Linda Hensley, Instructional Deans’ Council Representative
Vicki Miller, Student Services Dean Representative
Kim Perigo, President, Academic Senate
Manuel Velez, President-Elect, Academic Senate
Howard Eskew, Academic Senate Representative, Chair, Academic Affairs
Terry Kohlenberg, Academic Senate Representative, Chair of Chairs
Trina Larson, President, Classified Senate
Yolanda Catano, Vice President, Classified Senate
Sofia Castellani-Staedler, Associated Students
Hong Nhung Nguyen (Jen), Vice President, Associated Students