Tool Box


The new Office of Communications website will offer a Toolbox that lets you find photos, check for facts, templates and basic, approved information on Mesa College. 

User-friendly Promotional Templates 

  • The Office of Communications has provided graphics templates that can be used for Visix slides, social media promotions, flyers, and posters.
  • When converted to a lower resolution jpeg, the graphics can be sent via email.
  • Faculty and classified professionals, committees and officially recognized students clubs, can create their own graphics using PowerPoint.
  • Please see the Instructions to use the Templates

Marketing & PromotionAL Templates

VISIX Templates

Only these templates can be used with Visix screens.

Class Promotions and Events

PRINT Templates

These templates are not compatible with Visix screens.

Class Promotion Flyer Templates

Class Promotion Poster Templates


Event Promotion Flyer Templates


Event Promotion Poster Templates