San Diego Mesa College Program Review Steering Committee



 Program Review steering Committee



The Program Review Steering Committee reports to President's Cabinet.  Its membership includes faculty, classified staff, students, and administrators each appointed by their respective governance bodies.  The Program Review Steering Committee has the following responsibilities:

  • Review and modify as needed on a regular basis, and disseminate information in the program review handbook and website containing questions, criteria, guidelines and forms.
  • Determine and publish the schedule of programs and service areas in the four-year cycle.
  • Establish and publish timelines for the program review process.
  • Provide training and guidance on a regular and as-needed basis to groups and individuals.
  • Provide training workshops at least once annually to describe the program review goals and process.
  • Provide structured guidance to and collaboration with lead writers, department chairs, and administrative and service area supervisors through the program review process; program review committee members will be assigned as liaisons to each program/administrative/service area at the start of the process to assist writers in developing their program review.
  • At the conclusion of the program review process, prepare final written reports to be presented to the President's Cabinet.


Held on the first Friday of each month, unless otherwise noted, from 11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m., in SB-216 (Fall 2016 meeting location) and MC211B (Spring 2017 meeting location)

2016-2017 Program Review Steering Committee Membership

Co-Chairs (4 Representatives):

  • Madeleine Hinkes, Dean, Institutional Effectiveness
  • Taj Krumholz, Administrative Services Representative
  • Dina Miyoshi, Academic Senate Representative
  • Genevieve Esguerra, Student Services Representative

Administrative (3 Representatives):

  • Danene Brown, Dean, Business and Technology
  • Madeleine Hinkes (Administrative Co-Chair)
  • Larry Maxey, Student Success & Equity

Faculty (9 Representatives):

  • Mark Abajian- Instruction
  • Joseph Halcott-Instruction
  • Ian Kay- Instruction
  • Marichu Magaña- Student Services
  • Jonathan McLeod- Instruction
  • Dina Miyoshi- Instruction (Faculty Co-Chair)
  • Pegah Motaleb- Instruction
  • Bruce Naschak- Instruction
  • Saloua Saidane- Instruction

Classified (2 Representatives):

  • Kevin Branson
  • Genevieve Esguerra (Student Services, Co-Chair)

Administrative Services (1 Representative):

  • Taj Krumholz (Administrative Services, Co-Chair)

Associated Student (1 Representative):

  • Josh Hyder

Ex Officio (2 Representatives):

  • Yolanda Catano, Administrative Support Staff
  • Brianna Hays, Campus-Based Researcher

Consultant (1 Representative):

  • Paula Gustin, Curriculum Review Committee Co-Chair

2015-2016 Program Review Steering Committee Membership Summary


  • Administrative Representative
  • Administrative Services Representative
  • Academic Senate Faculty Representative
  • Student Services Representative


  • 3 Representatives


  • 9 Representatives


  • 2 Representatives

Administrative Services:

  • 1 Representative

Associated Student:

  • 1 Representative

Ex Officio:

  • Administrative Support Staff
  • Campus-Based Researcher


  • Curriculum Review Committee Co-Chair

2016-2017 Program Review Liaisons

* Program Review Steering Committee Members


  • Saeid Eidgahy
  • David Fierro
  • Ashanti Hands*
  • Madeleine Hinkes*
  • Andy MacNeill
  • Tim McGrath

Administrative Services:

  • Kevin Branson*
  • Michael McLaren

Instructional Programs:

  • Mark Abajian*
  • Manny Bautisa
  • Nancy Boskin-Mullen
  • Anar Brahmbhatt
  • Danene Brown*
  • Laura Collins
  • Anne Geller
  • Cathy James
  • Joseph Halcott
  • Ian Kay*
  • Jonathan McLeod*
  • Dina Miyoshi*
  • Pegah Motaleb*
  • Susheela Narayanan
  • Bruce Naschak*
  • Saloua Saidane*
  • Xiaochuan Song
  • Vacant- Faculty Representative, School of Arts and Languages
  • Vacant- Faculty Representative, School of Exercise Science, Health Education, Dance, and Athletics

Student Services:

  • Isaac Arguelles-Ibarra
  • Genevieve Esguerra
  • Leroy Johnson
  • Marichu Magaña*
  • Larry Maxey
  • Monica Romero
  • Susan Topham
  • Ebony Tyree*

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