Global Awareness

The Mesa College Global Awareness / International Education Committee works toward achieving the following goals through participatory governance:

  • To promote AWARENESS through discussion of the cultural components and celebrations present in our society. Main campus activities - International Education Week and promotion of the Global Competency Certificate in collaboration with the Honors Program
  • To enable the campus community to foster ANALYSIS and discussion of world languages, cultures, and societies. Main campus activity – Guest speaker series
  • To provide opportunities for INTERACTIONS or forums for “interrelations”. Main campus activities - Inter-institutional and inter-departmental collaborative learning projects
  • To advance UNDERSTANDING of the cultural diversity, knowledge of global issues, and the interconnectedness of cultures and nations through time. Main campus activities - faculty Flex activities, curriculum development, campus forums and presentations, and foreign language conferences
  • Help faculty and students EXCHANGE and actively participate in a global society by providing opportunities for cultural immersion experiences. Main campus activities – Promote study abroad programs, service-learning internships, and local /international partnerships