Board of Directors

San Diego Mesa College Foundation Board 2013-14

Elected Officers:

President: Jeff Marston, Public Director

Vice President: Steve Cook, Public Director

Treasurer: Jeremy Sanders, Public Director

Secretary: Kathy Fennessey, College Director


Elizabeth Armstrong

Barbara Busch

Petar Kralev

Celeste Kupperbusch

Jeff Marston

Jerry Roxas



College Directors

Sarah Farmer, Associated Student Government Representative

Kathy Fennessey, Classified Representative

Laurie Mackenzie, Faculty Representative

Tim McGrath, Administrative Representative

Rachelle Agatha, VP/Admin. Services (Ex-Officio)

Dr. Julianna Barnes, VP/ Student Services (Ex-Officio)

Lina Heil, PIO/ Marketing (Ex-Officio)

Dr. Pamela T. Luster, President (Ex-Officio)

Denise Rogers, Faculty (Ex-Officio)

Susan Topham, Student Services (Ex-Officio)





In Memoriam

Ruth Kern, 91, long-time president of the San Diego Mesa College Foundation and ardent advocate and steward of the Foundation’s Scholarship Fund, passed away on June 5, 2010. Through her leadership and personal scholarships to students, many lives, families and futures have been changed. In honor of her contributions to the legacy of giving, the college’s annual scholarship event was renamed the San Diego Mesa College Ruth Kern Scholarship Gala in 2010.

Joyce Skaryak was one of Mesa’s most well-known and respected classified staff members. Her devotion to students and student scholarship is recognized by many years of devoted service to the San Diego Mesa College Foundation. In her 37 years of service to the college and the San Diego Community College District, Joyce will be probably best remembered as Classified Senate President, an elected position she held for many years, as well as her long-time and enthusiastic support of the Foundation. At the time of her passing in October, 2011, she served as Vice President of the Mesa College Foundation. Following her passing, the Mesa College Classified Senate renamed their annual scholarship award in Joyce’s honor.