Giving Tuesday at the Mesa Foundation


Giving Tuesday is a day when we come together to celebrate generosity and giving back.


First is Thanksgiving - then Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday!


All gifts given on Tuesday, December 2 will be used to purchase food cards for the many, many students at Mesa College who do not have a sustainable food source - and are hungry.  This includes our veteran students, former foster care students, parent students who go hungry to ensure their children are fed, and our unemployed students trying to learn the skills for a new career.  Hunger is dibilitating, and it makes learning difficult.  Feed a student, and change a life.

No gift is too small.

  You'll feel good,  and a student will be thankful.


Mesa students are a good investment.











San Diego Mesa College and its Foundation are poised to expand fundraising to support schoarships, programs, teaching, students and unique initiatives at Mesa College. We encourage you to become involved with the Foundation, and the new Mesa College Alumni Association.

Mission Statement

The San Diego Mesa College Foundation builds its community, inspires excellence and creates an enlightened tomorrow


The San Diego Mesa College Foundation strives to:

  • Offer scholarships to students based on merit and need
  • Fund special projects to support teaching and learning at Mesa College
  • Continue to build its endowment to support the College while providing responsible stewardship of these funds
  • Increase the College’s visibility
  • Develop ongoing relationships for the college that result in increased private support