San Diego Mesa College Foundation



San Diego Mesa College Foundation supports student success by providing scholarships, emergency assistance, and food cards, and through purchasing equipment and supporting teaching. We encourage you to become involved with the Foundation, and change a life!

Mission Statement

The San Diego Mesa College Foundation builds its community, inspires excellence and creates an enlightened tomorrow


The San Diego Mesa College Foundation strives to:

  • Offer scholarships to students based on merit and need
  • Offer emergency assistance to students
  • Provide food cards to students without a sustainable source of food
  • Fund special projects to support teaching and learning at Mesa College
  • Continue to build its endowment to support the College while providing responsible stewardship of these funds
  • Increase the College’s visibility
  • Develop ongoing relationships for the college that result in increased private support


We are very concerned about our former foster youth students. 

Many do not have a sustainable, reliable source of food, and come to classes each day fighting hunger.  Hunger is debilitating. Please help us purchase food cards so these students may eat at the Mesa Cafeteria, get fed, and use the services Mesa offers to be successful in college. 





Mesa students are a good investment.