• William Craft, Acting Vice President of Administrative Services

Vice Presidents (2 Representatives):

  • Tim McGrath, Vice President of Instruction
  • Denise Whisenhunt , Interim Vice President of Student Services

Deans (2 representatives:  One from Instruction and one from Student Services):

  • Susan Topham, Dean, Student Development and Matriculation
  • Dave Evans, Dean, P.E./Health Education and Athletics

Academic Senate (9 representatives: Each School represented plus Student Services):

  • Bill Brothers (Biology)
  • Manny Bautista (PE)
  • Ian Kay (Social/Behavioral Sciences)
  • Igor Korneitchouk (Music)
  • Mario Lara (Humanities)
  • Karen Williams (Business)
  • Jean Smith (LRC)
  • Vacant (Student Services)
  • Joseph Halcott (Health Science/Public Services)

Classified (3 representatives):

  • Michael McLaren
  • Penny Hedgecoth
  • Jennifer Osborne

DSPS (1 Representative):

  • Jill Jansen

Associated Student Government (1 Representative):

  • Robert Will

Vice Chancellor Facilities Management or Designee (1 Representative):

  • Diane Malone

Regional Facilities Officer (1 Representative):

  • Vacant

Campus Police (1 Representative):

  • Diana Medero

Safety Committee (1 Representative):

  • Charlotta Robertson

The Mesa College Facility Planning Committee is a representative committee to be appointed through the shared governance process by its constituent groups. Its purpose is to review major facilityissues which impact Mesa College, provide long-range facilities planning and oversee the maintenance, repair, remodeling and building of Mesa College's Facility Master Plan. Recomendations will be brought directly to President's Cabinet. Detailed below is the specific charge to the Committee.

Committee Charge:

  • Reviews a broad range of facility issues which impact Mesa College;
  • reviews all plans and makes recommendations for the construction, remodeling, and/or reassignment of existing facilities;
  • studies and recommends development of future facilities including classrooms, laboratories, faculty and staff office space, and grounds;
  • studies existing facilities and recommends alterations and improvements;
  • reviews and ensures timely construction progress of Mesa College's Facility Master Plan;
  • keeps represented constituents apprised of the facility master plan and construction timeline as needed.

Decision-making Responsibilities:

  • By majority vote of the committee based upon a quorum

Advisory Responsibilities:

  • The committee, through the chair, will make recommendations to President's Executive Staff and President's Cabinet.

Reporting Responsibilities:

  • The committee, through the chair, reports directly to President's Cabinet.
  • Once per semester and on as-needed basis.

Standing Committe Report(s)

  • As needed.


  • Shall be distributed to the President, President's Executive Staff, President's Cabinet, members of the Committee, and to the various governance councils.
Membership (23 with 22 Voting Members)

(No term limits for the VP of Administration, VPI, VPSS, Regional Facilities Officer, Regional Campus Police Lt. and the Assistant Chancellor of Facilities. One year term limit for AS representative and two year term limits for the remaining members.)

  • Vice President of Administrative Services (1) - Chairperson
  • Vice President of Instruction (1)
  • Vice President of Student Services (1)
  • Academic Senate Representative (9)
  • Dean Representative (2)
  • Classified Senate Representative (3)
  • DSPS Representative (1)
  • Associated Student Representative (1)
  • Vice Chancellor of Facilities Management or Designee (1) – Non Voting
  • Regional Facilities Officer (1)
  • Regional Campus Police Lt. (1)
  • Safety Committee Representative (1)

Original: 2007; Revised: 9/7/07; 3/28/08; 9/17/08;10/08/10;08/31/11; 10/17/2012; 10/22/12