Travel Request

Q: I am going to attend a conference. What do I need to submit?

A: A District Travel Request, Mesa Travel Request and supporting documentation* must be submitted.

Click here for a tutorial on how to fill out the District TR:

District TR

Click here for the District’s administrative procedures for travel.

Mesa TR

Please fill out the form and make sure you have all signatures (except the president), before submitting paperwork.

Please submit paperwork four weeks before date of travel. If it is not filled out properly, it will be returned and will result in the delay of your TR being processed.

*Along with these forms, you need to provide supporting documentation (registration fees, hotel reservation, flight reservation, etc…).


Q: Can I have my travel expenses paid in advance?

A: Yes*, you will need to submit a Voucher form for each expense (hotel, registration, other expenses (includes meals, shuttle, taxi, etc…)). Please note that a voucher to pay for other expenses can be issued to the traveler, but the estimated expenses need to exceed $200.00.

If you want your flight to be paid in advance, please contact the district’s travel agency, Balboa Travel. To make a reservation through Balboa Travel, please call 866-966-7998, 858-678-3722 or e-mail at Also, the reservation will not be booked until the TR is signed by the President, so get your TR to Business Services six weeks before the travel date. Please note that you are not required to go through Balboa Travel for your flight needs.

For more information on advance payments, please click here and go to section “K”.


Click here for instructions on how to fill out the voucher form.

*If you want your expenses paid in advance, please submit all paperwork six weeks before the travel date to allow time for Business Services to process your TR and for the District to process check(s).


Q: Are there other funding sources(besides my department/school) that I can request money from?

A: Yes, you can request money from the Staff Development Committee.

Click the links below for instructions:

Request for Funding

Conference and Travel Funding Request

To allow time for the Staff Development Committee to review your TR and Business Services to process your TR, please submit paperwork six weeks in advance.


Q: I am attending a conference out of the country. Is there additional paperwork that I need to submit?

A: Yes, you need to contact the President’s Office, 619-388-2721. The President’s Office will provide you with instructions on how to prepare a memo, addressed to the Chancellor, requesting permission to travel out of the country.


Q: If students are travelling, what do they need to submit?

A: Students will need to fill out a District Travel Request and Mesa Travel Request with supporting documentation. Please call Business Services at 619-388-2771 for an explanation on how students are to fill out the forms.


Q: I have all my paperwork filled out. Where do I send it?

A: If you are requesting Staff Development funds, please send it to the Dean of Humanities, G-201D. If you are not requesting Staff Development funds, please send it directly to Business Services, A-102.


Q: I am going to a conference, but I am not claiming expenses. Do I have to submit a TR?

A: Yes, even if you are not claiming expenses you will need to turn in a District Travel Request without expenses and a Mesa Travel Request.

District TR

Mesa TR


Q: I submitted my paperwork, but I will not be attending the conference. What do I need to do?

A: Please contact Business Services at 619-388-2771 as soon as possible to cancel the TR.


Q: I have a large group going to a conference. Can I submit one TR for the group?

A: Yes, but only if flight expenses are not included in the Travel Request. “Only one Travel Request will be submitted for the whole group. The group’s Travel Request will have the name of the leader with the phrase “”. A separate sheet must be attached to the travel request indicating the names…of all the members of the group” (from section “n” District travel administrative procedure).

For more information on group travel, please click here and go to section “N”.


Q: What is the per diem for meals?

A: The per diem for meals is $46.00 and the break down is as follows:

$10 Breakfast

$15 Lunch

$21 Dinner

***When submitting your TR for reimbursement of expenses, meal receipts are not required.***


Q: I am back from the conference. What do I need to do?

A: You should receive in you mailbox a packet with your TR and backup documentation. Please log back in to your online TR(see pages 12-15 in tutorial manual) and fill out the expenses. Once you have filled out the expenses, print the bottom form, sign the TR(bottom left), attach all original backup documentation(receipts, boarding passes, badge....etc) and mail to Business Services, A-102. If you have not received the packet, please call Business Services at 619-388-2771.


Q: I need help filling out my TR. Where can I get help filling out my TR?

A: Any of the staff can help you and we have a work station that you can use to fill out and print your TR. Business Services is located in A-102.


If you have any questions regarding Travel Requests, please call Business Services at 619-388-2771 or email us.