The Classified Senate is dedicated to wide-arching representation within the shared governance architecture and committee composition, both on campus and District-wide.
Follwing is a list of committees and associated membership, current as of 12/31/2014.

Academic Affairs Arlis Svedberg
Academic Review Committee Ivonne Alvarez, Monica Romero
Academic Senate Liason Angela Liewen
Basic Skills Success and Retention Committee Carol Sampaga
Budget (District) Joyce Allen (Miramar)
BARC Angela Liewen, Lynn DangThuan Le, Taj Krumholz
Career Technical Education (CTE) - Perkins Virginia Enriquez
Catalog Committee Jane Ponce, Arlis Svedberg, Ivonne Alvarez, Vacant
Classified Hiring Priority Shannon Bacon, Jane Ponce, Monica Romero, Rocio Sandoval,
Commencement Kathy FennesseyThuan LeCarol Rohe, Deborah SalazarCarlos Wales, Courtney Lee,
Paul Gomez, Monica Romero, Frank Fernandez,
Crisis Response Committee Carol Sampaga
Curriculum Review Committee Arlis Svedberg
District Governance Council Angela Liewen
Diversity (Mesa) Kevin Branson, Sue Shrader HanesJackie Szitta, Brandon Terrell,
Environmental Stewardship Committee Carol Rohe, Vacant
Facilities Planning committee (Mesa) Michael McLaren, Penny Hedgecoth, Jennifer Osborne
Flex Subcommittee Caterina Palestini
Foundation Kathy Fennessey, Vacant
Gender Equity Committee Anita Lee
Global Awareness Committee Ebony Tyree, Vacant
Information Technology (District) Chris Horvath
Information Technology (Mesa) Angela LiewenKevin Branson, Alex Napoles, Caterina Palestini, Chris Horvath, Carlos Wales, Dion Aquino, Hamid Hamidy,
Penny Hedgecoth, Charlotta Robertson, Michael Davis, Ken Einstein, Steve Manczuk
Learning Assessment Task Force Angela Liewen
Marketing Advisory Committee (Mesa) Vacant
Matriculation Advisory Committee Vacant
Planning and Institutional Effectiveness Committee (PIE) Angela Liewen (co-chair), Monica RomeroCharlotta Robertson
President's Cabinet Angela Liewen, Michael McLaren
Professional Study Leave James Jaworski
Program Review  Ebony Tyree (co-chair), Taj Krumholz (co-chair), Angela Liewen,
Scholarship Kathy FennesseyKim Lan Salas,Penny Hedgecoth, Paul Gomez
Site Safety Committee Charlotta Robertson (tri-chair), Pahua Vang, Melvin Clay, Frank Fernandez, Matt Fay, Penny Hedgecoth, Michael Lewis, Carol Rohe,
Taj Krumholz 
Staff Development Skyler Dennon, Mary Toste, Michelle West
Staff Development Sub-Committee Shannon Bacon, Carol Beilstein, Alma Godinez, Susan Gregory, Cindy Hess, Dave Kovach, Michele Marbrey, Cathy PalestiniCharlotta Robertson, Carol SampagaIlian Krashennya, Ruth San Fillipo
Student Services (Mesa) Brandon Terrell
Student Disciplinary/Grievance Committee Vacant
Textbook Affordability Task Force Carol Rohe
Travel and Conference Fund Michelle West
Ad Hoc Committees  
Senate By-Laws Josh Taylor
Children's Center Bazaar Jeannette Leon, Mary I. Toste
Classified Recognition Week Rocio Sandoval
Election Committee  

If you are interested in serving on a committee, or know of a committee that needs classified representation please contact Monica Romero or Angela Liewen.