Associate Student Government Members

Phone: 619-388-2903

Building: I4-409

2014-15 Executive Board

President: Jesus M Escudero, IV

Vice President: Marcelo Masur

Secretary: Jessica Mitzi

Treasurer: Robert Wells

Senate Representative: Coral Aiello

I.C.C. President: Wilfredo Cabistan

Advisor: Ashanti Hands, Dean of Student Affairs

2014-15 Senators

Assistant Senate Representative: Vacant

Senator: Coral Aiello

Senator: Angela H. Arreaga

Senator: Michelle Bakhshi

Senator: Michael Baumgarten

Senator: Logan Black

Senator: Igor Burgos Maron

Senator: Calvin Handoko

Senator: Minsun Jung

Senator: Ashley Khor

Senator: Mario Romero

Senator: Melanie H. Stuart

Senator: Ian Man Wong

Senator: Vacant

Senator: Vacant

Senator: Vacant

Senator: Vacant

Student Judicial Review Board

The 2014-15 Student Judicial Review Board:

Chief Justice: Vacant

Justice: David Galle 

Justice: Raimee Salas

Justice: Samuel Santoso 

Justice: Vacant

Appointed Officers

Office Manager: Emma Frivold

Video Production Associate: Vacant

Webmaster: Vacant

Publicist: Vacant

Environmental Officer: Vanessa Garcia

The 2014-15 ASG President's Cabinet:

Member:  Alondra Razo Garcia

Member: Rachel McDonald

Member: Vacant

Member: Vacant

Member: Vacant



The Associated Student Government meets every Monday from 1:15pm until 1:45pm and every Wednesday from 12:45 p.m.-1:45 p.m. in I4-409 A/B.

The Inter-Club Council meets on Fridays, 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. in I4-409 A/B.

Please keep these times open and become part of your Student Government. We need leaders, planners, recorders, and student representatives. We offer experience in student governance and opportunities for you to express your ideas.

Members of the ASG can be located in I4-409. Their office number is 619-388-2903. While we try to be open Monday to Friday from 8am until 6pm, please keep in mind, that like you, we are students first and our education is the highest priority. If you stop by and our gate is closed, please stop by next door at Student Affairs (I4-408) and they will be happy to assist you.