Resolutions 2013-2014

Resolution Number Subject Status Year Month Mover
13.9.1 Academic Affairs Committee Constitutional Revisions Academic Affairs Committee Membership Revisions. One Faculty Representative from each Academic Unit. Approved 2013 September Hinkes
13.9.2 Support AFT Resolution Regarding ACCJC Support American Federation of Teachers (AFT) Resolution regarding the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) Approved 2013 September Romeo
14.3.1 Joint MOOC Resolution San Diego Mesa, City and Miramar Academic Senates Do not support providing credit for completing Massive Open Online Courses Approved 2014 April McLeod
14.3.2 Librarians' Resolution reg. Proposed ACCJC Standards Support opposition to proposed new ACCJC standards. Approved 2014 April Milner
14.3.3 Faculty/Staff Advisory Committee on Threats (FACT) Research and make recommendations to the Crisis Response Team (CRT) Approved 2014 April Arnold
14.4.1 Summer 2014 Responsibilities Authorizes the Senate Executive Committee to address Issues that arise during Summer 2014.  Approved 2014 April McLeod
14.4.2 Assigning Courses to Disciplines Reaffirm Local Academic Senate Resp. for Assigning Courses to Disciplines Approved 2014 April Velez
14.4.3 Lead Writer Compensation Expands Resolution 10.9.4 Supports Compensation for Program Review Lead Writers First Reading 2014 May Lopez
14.4.4 Cell Tower Electromagnetic Radiation Support Resolution - Cell Tower Electromagnetic Radiation on Campus First Reading 2014 May McKenzie
14.5.1 Baccalaureate Degrees Allied Health Programs Support Baccalaureate Degrees for Health Information Technology, Physical Therapy and Radiologic Technology Programs Approved 2014 May Parsons
14.5.2 Baccalaureate Degrees American Sign Language Support Baccalaureate Degrees for American Sign Language Approved 2014 May Velez