Resolutions 2012 - 2013

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2012 - 2013
Resolution Number * Subject Description Year Month Mover
12.9.1   Hiring Tenure-Track Faculty The Senate recommends that the District lifts the current Hiring Freeze as soon as possible after additional funds become available in order to fill vacancies created by Retirements, especially in departments with very few Contract Faculty, in order to fulfill ongoing burdensome Non-Classroom responsibilities that cannot be completed by Adjunct Faculty. 2012 November Hughes
12.10.1   Academic Equivalency Committee Establishes the Senate Academic Equivalency Committee as Required by CA Ed. Code Section 87359 to ensure that new Faculty meet the Minimum Qualifications. 2012 October Hinkes
12.11.1   SB1440 Degrees Transfer Model Curriculum (TMCs) The Senate recommends that the District develops a plan where required state approval be obtained before implementation of the 2014 slate of SB 1440 digress. 2012 December Holton