Resolutions 2011 - 2012

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2011 - 2012
Resolution Number * Subject Description Year Month Mover
11.5.1   Determination of Base FTEF Curriculum Balance should be the guiding principle for distribution of FTEF. 2011 October McLeod
11.9.1   Facilities Services Open District-wide discussion reg. Negative Student Impact of Reduced Services 2011 August Zand
11.11.1   Chair - Program Review Amend Senate Constitution: Add Chair of Program Review to Senate Executive Com. 2011 November Hinkes
11.11.2   Opposition to LRC Remodel Opposition to the placement of the entire Languages department in the LRC 2011 November Milner
11.11.3   Opposition CCCSSTF ESOL Rec. Opposition to CCCSSTF Rec. to Transfer ESOL to Non-Credit Institutions 2012 February Pianta
12.2.1   Est. Grant Review Board (GRB) Est. a GRB to determine if applying for a grant is in the best interest of our students 2012 March McLeod
12.2.2   Delegate Statewide Senate Add duties Delegate to the Statewide Academic Senate to duties of Senate President 2012 March Fender
12.4.1   Summer 2012 Responsibilities Provide Senate Exec. Com. Authority to address Senate issues during Summer 2012 2012 April Hinkes