Resolutions 2009 - 2010

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2009 - 2010
Resolution Number * Subject Description Year Month Mover
Joint Statement   Student Learning Outcomes Joint Stmt. On SLOs - AFT and San Diego City, Mesa, and Miramar College Academic Senates 2009 October  
9.5.1   Adjunct District Email Adjunct Faculty District Email 2009 September Hinkes
9.8.1   SafeAssign Allow the use of SafeAssign at SDCCD 2009 September ZoBell
9.9.1   Pedagogy Resolution on using Pedagogy as the criterion for deciding classroom enrollment capacities now and in new building plans 2009 September McLeod
9.9.2   Basic Skills Basic Skills Action Plan Resolution 2009 September Teegarden
9.9.3   Integrated Planning San Diego Mesa College Integrated Planning Process 2009 October Brothers
9.10.1   Mission Statement Changes San Diego Mesa College Mission Statement Changes 2009 October Brothers
9.10.2   Proposals Involving Curriculum and Certification Recognition of the Academic Senate's responsibilities in regards to writing proposals involving Curriculum or Certification. 2009 November Flor
10.2.2   Accreditation Self Study Workload Statement from the Department Chairs regarding Workload for the Accreditation Self Study 2010 February McLeod
10.2.3   Decision Making Process Resolution on the Decision Making Process 2010 February McLeod
10.3.1   Shared Governance Shared Governance Resolution 2010 April Chun
10.4.1   Gender Identify and Diversity Gender Identify and Diversity 2010 April Holton