Resolutions 2007 - 2008


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2007 - 2008
Resolution Number * Subject Description Year Month Mover
7.9.1   Senate Executive Committee The Co-Chair of the Curriculum Review Committee will Serve of the Senate Exec. Com. 2007 September Sykes
7.11.1   Procedure for Granting Equivalency A.S. Recommends SDCCD BOT Adopts Revisions to the Equivalency Policy 2007 November Holton
7.11.2   Intra-Campus Mail Waste Reduction Post Notices on Bulletin Boards and Not in Individual Mail Boxes; 2007 November Rempala
7.11.3   Green Building SDCCD Build LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Buildings 2007 November Barrie
7.11.4   Constitution A.S. Constitutional Change - Section 9 - Academic Affairs Committee 2007 November Brothers
8.2.1   SLOs and Faculty Evaluations SLOs Should not be Linked to Faculty Evaluations 2008 February Specht
8.3.1   SLOs Should be Voluntary   2008 Failed Ryno
8.4.1   Summer Responsibilities Senate Exec Responsibilities - Summer Semester 2008 2008 April Holton
8.4.2   Sabbatical Applications Sabbatical Applications Should Be Awarded base on Merit Alone 2008 April Zobell
8.4.3 * Accredition and SLOs Accreditation Should Not Be Withheld due to SLOs 2008 April Ryno
8.5.1   Curriculum Coordinator Support for Contining the Position of the Curriculum Coordinator 2008 April Brothers/AA