Resolutions 1999 - 2000

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1999 - 2000
Resolution Number * Subject Description Year Month Mover
99.8.1   Policy 1001.24 A.S. Opposes SDCCD BOT's Proposed Change for Establishing Standing Committees 1999 September  
99.8.2   Test Proctoring Center A.S. Supports a Campus-wide Test Proctoring Center 1999 September Conrad
99.9.1 * Lab - Language/Multimedia Ac Hoc Committee 1999 TABLED  
99.9.2 * BOT - Standing Committees A.S. Representation 1999 October  
99.10.1   Equalization Resolution A.S. Supports Area D's Passage of Equalization Resolution on October 16, 1999 1999 October  
99.10.2   Intellectual Property Rights A.S. Reaffirms the Intellectual Property Rights of All Faculty Members 1999 November McLeod
99.10.3   General Education & Transferability A.S. Recommends CIC & SDCCD Uses Academics Affairs' Report as the Guideline 1999 November Chagnon
99.10.4   Evaluators - Mesa College A.S. Calls for the Hiring of Two Additional Campus Evaluators 2000 April  
99.11.1   Assistant Chancellor Lynn Neault A.S. Endorsement: Receipt of ACCCA Leadership Award for Administrative Excellence 1999 November Stamm
99.11.2   Faculty/Staff/Student ID Numbers A.S, Urges SDCCD to Assign Random ID Numbers - Protect Security of SSNs 1999 November Sykes
99.11.3   Writing Center A.S. Calls for a Multimedia-Discipline Writing Center with Partnership for Excellence Funds 2000 April  
00.2.2   Research Position A.S. Calls for Researcher Position - Research Based on Instructional Identified Needs 2000 March  
00.2.3   Research Position Rewrite of 00.2.2      
00.4.1   MAC Computers A.S. Supports Hiring of Staff to Manage MAC Labs & Commitment from Pres. Cabinet 2000 May Chagnon
00.4.2   LRC Staffing A.S, Urges SDCCD BOT to Fund Necessary LRC Faculty & Staff Positions 2000 May Dawes
00.5.2   FLEX Days A.S. Recommends Institution of Five Flex Days on the 2001-2002 College Calendar 2000 May Stamm
00.5.3   Writing Center A.S. Establishes the Writing Center Planning Committee 2000 May Stamm
00.5.4   Computers for Faculty A.S. President Requests President's Cabinet Allocate Funds for Each New Faculty Member 2000 May McLeod