Classified Staff Development Committee



  • Andrew MacNeill (*), Dean, School of Humanities
  • Carol Sampaga, Supervisor, Academic Success Center (Classicon Logistics Chair)

Classified Staff:

  • Charlotta Robertson, LRC Supervisor
  • Rocio Sandoval, Reprographics (ClassiCon Logistics Co-Chair)
  • Alma Godinez, Student Services
  • Susan Gregory, Instruction
  • Cynthia Hess, Learning Resource Center, Classified Senate
  • Dave Kovach, ABSO Liaison
  • Ria Phillip, LRC
  • Michele Marbrey, Learning Resource Center
  • Brandon Terrell, Instruction
  • Ruth San Filippo, Instruction
  • Robin Watkins, Learning Resource Center
  • Consuelo Porto y Taboada, Administrative Services
  • Elizabeth Lindsay, Facilities

Academic Senate:

  • Ed Helscher (*)

To support the college's commitment to investing in and maintaining a highly skilled, well trained workforce. This subcommittee is responsible for the design of an educational training program to meet the professional and personal needs of the classified staff through the following key goals and objectives:

Align employee career/professional development with college-wide needs;

Design and administer a campus needs assessment to determine the major training topics/areas;

Using the results of the needs assessment, develop, maintain, empower and train employees to provide quality customer service;

Enable, enhance and maintain a skilled, competent workforce throughcontinued staff development activities;

Increase the awareness of respect in an inclusive workplace that maximizes the talents of each employee;

Leverage technology and web-based channels to enhance service delivery to the college's clientele.

Act as communication links to those parts of the college they represent to insure that all feedback and input is brought forward for consideration;

Enhance work place harmony among all employees;

Continue to use the research function to plan, develop and assess training activities; and,

Participate in the College's formal planning process by providing regular reports to the Staff Development Committee and/or President's Cabinet.

Meetings: Meetings would be scheduled once a month or as needed with minutes being recorded. For this subcommittee, seven (7) members constitute a quorum.

Co-Chairs (2): Dean, School of Humanities;

Classified Staff Member (Note: The Classified Staff Co-Chair will also function as the Conference Logistics Coordinator and is assisted by a Co-Coordinator who will rotate into the Co-Chair position)

3 Staff Development Committee (3 representatives comprised of 1 classified staff, 1 faculty, 1 dean)

Classified Senate Executive (1)

Learning Resource Center (1)

Student Services Staff Development Committee (2)

Facilities (1)

Administrative Services (1)

Office of Instruction (3 members with representation from 2 schools with (1) to be an instructional lab tech from the sciences)

ABSO (1)