Policy 3100 - Student Rights, Responsibilities and Administrative Due Process
Procedure 3100.1 - Student Grievances Procedures
Procedure 3100.2 - Administration of Discipline Procedures
Procedure 3100.3 - Honest Academic Conduct
State Authorization - Complaint Process
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Related Forms and Information


- Faculty Academic Sanction Form
Faculty Academic Sanction Form
-Grade Challenge
    AP 3001.2 Grade Challenge
- Posting Rules and Regulations
Campus Posting Rules and Regulations
Guidelines for Free Speech Activities (Brochure)
Posting and Distribution of Literature, Political and Vending Activities, Food Handling and Free Speech on Campus
- Removal of Disruptive Students
Faculty Removal of Disruptive Student from Class
Incident Report Form
Operating Guidelines
- Resource Guide for Victims of Sexual Assault
Resource Guide for Victims of Sexual Assault
Service Animals
Policy 3105.2 Service Animals
- Smoking Policies and Procedures
Policy 0505 - Smoke and Tobacco-Free District Property
Procedure 0505.2 Smoke and Tobacco-Free District Property Enforcement
- Students
Student Code of Conduct
- Student Conduct/Policy 3100 Newsletter
 Spring 2015 Student Conduct/Policy 3100  Newsletter
- Student Travel
  Student Travel Guideline