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Proyecto Exito
Proyecto Éxito

Title V Grant
Proyecto Éxito


In the Fall 2014, Mesa College was awarded a “Developing Hispanic-Serving Institutions-Title V” five-year grant in the amount of $2.62 million. This represents only one of approximately 25 such grants that were awarded nationwide. The purpose of the grant is to improve the retention and graduation rates of Mesa’s diverse population, particularly its Latino students, through systemic, institutional changes and improvements. Mesa’s HSI / Title V program is entitled Proyecto Éxito, a name that combines the idea of successfully exiting with a degree, certificate, or transfer-readiness with the Spanish word for “success.” Mesa will use grant funds to help a higher proportion of its low-income and Latino students experience academic success, allowing them to “exit” Mesa with their goals met.

Proyecto Éxito Blog

Proyecto Éxito, Mesa's Hispanic Serving Institution's Title V Grant is half way through its five year award.  The program continues to develop and pilot professional learning, academic support and student engagement activities as well as support the work of course redesign across the campus.  
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Critical Grant Imperatives

      • Redesigning Basic Skills and Gateway Courses
        • Examples include: acceleration and learning communities
      • Initiating New Academic Support & Student Support Systems
        • Examples include: peer mentoring and Structured Learning Assistance (a form of Supplemental Instruction)
      • Providing Essential Faculty and Staff Development
        • Examples include: professional development to introduce new classroom pedagogies and to support student engagement from a cultural perspective
      • Creating Supportive Spaces for Students, Staff and Faculty
        • Examples include: Development of Teaching & Learning Center for Staff and Faculty and the development of a Student Engagement Center with a cultural focus

Expected Outcomes

  • Improvements in Basic Skills/ESOL progression to College Level courses
  • Reduction in the “D/F/W” rates in key gateway courses
  • Improvements in retention and completion rates


Program Outcomes



  • Personal Growth 110 Student Characterictics, Course Outcomes, and Focus Group FIndings - Spring 2017
  • English 101/English 31 Success Rates, Persistence, and Following English Enrollments - Spring 2017
  • Classroom Tutoring Student Demographics and Outcomes - Spring & Summer 2016, Fall 2015
  • Summer CRUISE Student Outcomes - 2015 Summer

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current team members

Position Responsibilities (Year 4: 2017-2018)

Program Management

  • Acting Program Manager: Leticia Lopez | 619-388-2353 | Office, LRC-461
  • Administrative Technician: Ikuko McAnally | 619-388-2995 | Office, LRC-440
  • Project Assistant: Rena Alspaw | 619-388-2995 | Office, LRC-440