Title III Grant-STEM Conexiones
7250 Mesa College Drive
School of Learning Resources and Academic Support, LRC
San Diego, CA 92111

Leticia P. Lopez, Ph.D.
Acting Program Manager
(619) 388-2353

Yolanda Catano, M.A.
Administrative Technician
(619) 388-5034

Miranda Mitchem, Ph. D.
STEM Center Coordinator
Assistant Professor of Biology
(619) 388-2234

Kelly Spoon
STEM Professional Learning Coordinator
(619) 388-2670

Brian Mackus
STEM Instructional Support Supervisor
(619) 388-2257

Maria Jose Zeledon-Perez 
HSI Learning Coordinator

Oscar Torres
Research Incubator Coordinator
(619) 388-2292

Patricia Rodriguez
STEM Counselor
(619) 388-2513

Alanna Milner
Research Analyst
(619) 388-2459

Sara Ramirez
Project Assistant
(619) 388-2522

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STEM Conexiones

STEM Conexiones

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STEM ConexionesThe U.S Department of Education awarded Mesa College a 5-year, $5 million HSI (Hispanic Serving Institution) Title III STEM Grant to fund “STEM Conexiones” (STEM Connections), and support Hispanic and low-income students. The grant aims to increase student connections in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) through enhanced counseling services, workshops, peer mentoring and outreach, faculty connections through cultural professional learning and STEM curriculum redesign, and pathway connections working directly with high schools and adult learners to prepare them for STEM majors. This grant will establish a STEM Center and a STEM Research Incubator for students, and furthers Mesa College’s commitment as a Hispanic Serving Institution.

Academic Support


Through the institutionalization of programs and practices at San Diego Mesa College, we will increase the percentage of full-time, Hispanic, and low-income students that:

  • Seek a STEM degree
  • Complete a STEM degree
  • Transfer in a STEM major

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Interested in becoming a STEM Conexiones Scholar?

  • Receive one-on-one faculty mentorship
  • Access to a STEM counselor
  • Free tutoring sessions
  • Attend academic workshops
  • Meet other students in your major
  • and much more!
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  • Student Connections – Examples include: Development of a STEM Center and Research Incubator with a cultural focus; STEM faculty mentoring; Structured Learning Assistance
  • Faculty Connections – Examples include: Implement a comprehensive professional development program for STEM faculty that includes training in culturally-inclusive pedagogy, mentoring, and use of technology; Course and lab redesign opportunities; STEM Faculty Mentoring
  • Pathways – Examples include: Provide outreach regarding STEM education and STEM careers to students in K-12 with a focus on high school students; Provide undecided Mesa students with info on STEM programs and careers; Review existing articulation agreements; Develop smooth pathways for students transferring to four-year institutions